Test Re­sults for Ka­jal Brands

Consumer Voice - - Arsenic On The Lips And Lead In The Eyes -

The test re­sults for ka­jal were sim­i­larly a cause for worry. In two brands, the lead con­tent was dis­turbingly high. In Rashmi Herbal Ka­jal, the lead amount was 48.91 mg/kg, which was more than twice the max­i­mum per­mis­si­ble limit of 20 mg/kg. (See ta­ble for de­tails.)

Con­clu­sion: It is not cor­rect that the more ex­pen­sive a prod­uct, the bet­ter it will be. For ex­am­ple, L’oreal Paris Ka­jal Mag­ique was priced at Rs 245 and its score was 68, while Hi­malaya Herbals Ka­jal Ex­tra Smooth with a price tag of 45 had a score of 99.

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