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All the sam­ples were free of any ob­jec­tion­able odour.

pH value

All the sam­ples met this re­quire­ment.

To­tal dis­solved solids (TDS)

The wa­ter col­lected from Farid­abad, Raj Bagh colony in Sahibabad (within the ju­ris­dic­tion of Ghazi­abad), Ram­puri (Sahibabad) and Dwarka had high TDS. This means the wa­ter is not ab­so­lutely safe for drink­ing di­rectly and re­quires use of an RO sys­tem.

Higher TDS in wa­ter is due to dis­solved salt in wa­ter. Hard­ness in wa­ter up to a cer­tain level is not nec­es­sar­ily dan­ger­ous to safety or health, but it does re­sult in ex­penses by way of re­moval of min­eral buildup on plumb­ing, and heat­ing el­e­ments of house­hold prod­ucts af­fects their per­for­mance and ser­vice life.

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