Potato Chips and Wafers

A fat af­fair with three brands sur­pass­ing the limit

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“The food prob­lem is a fla­vor prob­lem. For half a cen­tury, we’ ve been mak­ing the stuff peo­ple should eat—fruits, veg­eta­bles, whole grains, un­pro­cessed meats—in­cre­men­tally less de­li­cious. Mean­while, we’ ve been mak­ing the food peo­ple shouldn' t eat—chips, fast food, soft drinks, crack­ers—taste ever more ex­cit­ing. The re­sult is ex­actly what you’ d ex­pect.” ~Mark Schatzker, T he Dori to Ef­fect: The Sur­pris­ing New Truth About Food and Fla­vor

Potato chips are not an ideal snack; that any school goer can tell you. How­ever, hu­man be­ings on the whole can’t seem to help lik­ing such junk foods, which is why potato chips are one of the fastest mov­ing pack­aged snacks across retail shelves. De­spite warn­ings from the ex­perts about potato chips not be­ing healthy – they are deep-fried, con­tain ar­ti­fi­cial flavours and other un­healthy el­e­ments – they are pre­ferred by peo­ple of all ages. At the end of the day, it re­mains a snack that one does not think twice be­fore be­gin­ning to munch on.

Keep­ing th­ese fac­tors in mind, we put potato chips in the list of prod­ucts to go un­der sur­veil­lance. The

qual­ity of any deep-fry­ing snack de­pends upon sev­eral fac­tors in­clud­ing the su­pe­ri­or­ity of raw ma­te­rial such as oil, the op­ti­mum time and tem­per­a­ture for fry­ing, and the ef­fi­ciency of pack­ag­ing or stor­age.

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