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As per FSS Reg­u­la­tions, the lead con­tent in haldi pow­der should not be more than 10 parts per mil­lion by weight.

To­tal Ash

As per FSS Reg­u­la­tions, the to­tal ash on dry ba­sis should not be more than 9.0 per cent by weight. To­tal ash in haldi pow­der may come from dirt and dust.


For­eign Starch

As per FSS Reg­u­la­tions, haldi pow­der should be free from for­eign starch, which may be added as an adul­ter­ant.


The ma­te­rial shall be packed in a clean, sound, and dry con­tainer made of metal, glass, food-grade poly­mers, wood, or jute bags. Wooden boxes or jute bags shall be suit­ably lined with mois­ture-proof lin­ing that does not im­part any for­eign smell to the prod­uct. The con­tainer shall be free from any fun­gal or in­sect in­fes­ta­tion and should not im­part any for­eign smell. Each con­tainer shall be se­curely closed and sealed.


The im­por­tance of mark­ing can­not be overem­pha­sised, as it gives in­for­ma­tion about the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the prod­uct and/or claims of the man­u­fac­turer, all of which help con­sumers in choos­ing the prod­uct. The fol­low­ing par­tic­u­lars are manda­tory for mark­ing/la­belling on pack­ets of haldi pow­der:

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