The Talc in Tal­cum Pow­der

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The talc in tal­cum pow­der comes from the crush­ing, dry­ing, and milling of mined talc rocks and con­tains min­er­als such as mag­ne­sium, sil­i­con, and oxy­gen. Tal­cum pow­der also con­tains a small amount of per­fume and colour­ing mat­ter. Tal­cum pow­der ab­sorbs mois­ture and helps cut down on fric­tion, mak­ing it use­ful for keep­ing the skin dry and fresh, thereby help­ing to pre­vent rashes. It also pre­vent un­pleas­ant body odour. At the same time, it can travel, and is easy to in­hale when one is pour­ing it on. And while there is no defini­tive word on any ad­verse health ef­fect in the long run, it is ad­vis­able to avoid pro­longed ex­po­sure.

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