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Be­gin by elim­i­nat­ing the most com­monly known food al­ler­gens – soy, eggs, dairy prod­ucts, and gluten prod­ucts (all of them). Ob­serve the child. If symp­toms ap­pear, the child could be al­ler­gic to other food items or ad­di­tives. If no symp­toms ap­pear dur­ing this phase, in­tro­duce the items one by one and check for symp­toms. If a par­tic­u­lar item pro­duces a symp­tom, then elim­i­nate it from the diet of the child.

Af­ter check­ing all the ma­jor al­ler­gens/in­tol­er­ance fac­tors, move to lesser known al­ler­gens/in­tol­er­ance fac­tors such as nuts, pineap­ples, and peanuts. Elim­i­nate them all for a few days and then rein­tro­duce them, and check for symp­toms.

It’s im­por­tant that the ma­jor classes of food ad­di­tives are also checked one by one. Th­ese in­clude food colours, ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers, and preser­va­tives. Care­fully se­lect the packet food items that have one or all of them, and check them the same way the al­ler­gens/in­tol­er­ance fac­tors were tested.

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