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Air de­liv­ery es­sen­tially de­fines the amount of air a fan de­liv­ers – a cru­cial pa­ram­e­ter since it trans­lates into how com­fort­able you feel sit­ting un­der a run­ning fan. As per In­dian Stan­dards, the air de­liv­ery of a 1,200 mm ceil­ing fan should be a min­i­mum 200 m3/ min how­ever, for a BEE star-rated fan, air de­liv­ery should not be less than 210 m3/min.

The fan, in fact, does not lower room tem­per­a­ture at all it works by cre­at­ing a breeze that makes the room feel more com­fort­able. It helps to cir­cu­late the air prop­erly and ro­tate the air from the top.

Ser­vice Value Did You Know?

‘Ser­vice value’ de­notes the air de­liv­ery in me­tre cube/min, di­vided by elec­tri­cal power in­put to the fan in watts (W) at test volt­age and at full speed. In sim­pler terms, ser­vice value means the amount of air de­liv­ered per minute per wattage of elec­tric­ity. As per In­dian Stan­dards, the ser­vice value of 1,200 mm fans should be a min­i­mum 4.0 m3/min/W.

Power In­put

The power in­put de­fines the en­ergy con­sump­tion of a fan. Max­i­mum power in­put for fans of 1,200 mm size shall be 50 watts as per In­dian Stan­dards.

Start­ing and Run­ning

The fan shall be ca­pa­ble of start­ing from rest when 85 per cent of test volt­age or lower limit of volt­age range is ap­plied with reg­u­la­tor at low­est speed step.


Fan speed shall not ex­ceed +_ 10% of marked value.

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