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An­tibac­te­rial Ac­tiv­ity An­tibac­te­rial ac­tiv­ity was ob­served to judge the prod­uct’s ef­fec­tive­ness in re­moval/killing of mi­crobes/ germs. All the brands were ef­fec­tive in re­mov­ing/killing germs

sig­nif­i­cantly. Zone of In­hi­bi­tion The ‘zone of in­hi­bi­tion’ test is a fast, qual­i­ta­tive way to mea­sure the abil­ity of an an­timi­cro­bial agent to in­hibit the growth of mi­croor­gan­isms. This test al­lows man­u­fac­tur­ers of an­timi­cro­bial prod­ucts to com­pare the in­hi­bi­tion lev­els of their prod­uct. All of the brands cleared the test and re­ceived full

score. Con­tact Kill This test was con­ducted to mea­sure the rate of killing of bac­te­ria. All the brands cleared the test and re­ceived full score. Syn­thetic De­ter­gent The rec­om­mended limit by In­dian Stan­dards is a max­i­mum two per cent for soap-based hand washes. A bal­anced mix­ture of to­tal fatty mat­ter (TFM) and syn­thetic de­ter­gent would be a good op­tion but with the quan­ti­ties of both meet­ing the BIS re­quire­ments.

It may be noted that a high quan­tity of syn­thetic de­ter­gent in toi­letries is as­so­ci­ated with en­vi­ron­men­tal haz­ards. Syn­thetic de­ter­gent must be ab­sent in the com­po­si­tion of the prod­uct for it to qual­ify for Eco Mark la­bel­ing in In­dia. Bac­ter Shield (12.45 per cent) and Re­liance (12.4 per cent) were found to have the high­est quan­tity of syn­thetic de­ter­gent (these are non-soap-based and hence the two per cent limit is not ap­pli­ca­ble). Low­est syn­thetic de­ter­gent was found in Patanjali

(1.51 per cent), a herbal hand wash. To­tal Fatty Mat­ter For soap-based liq­uid hand washes – namely Lifebuoy and Ha­mam – TFM re­quire­ment is a min­i­mum 15 per cent. There is no re­quire­ment for non-soap-based liq­uid hand wash. All of the tested brands had less than 15 per cent of

to­tal fatty mat­ter. Ha­mam was found to have 14.74 per cent TFM and Lifebuoy 13.8 per cent. Among non-soap-based brands, Det­tol (8.51 per cent) had the high­est amount of TFM. Foam Height (of two per cent so­lu­tion) The foam height is tested to mea­sure the abil­ity to gen­er­ate lather, which is quite es­sen­tial for wash­ing and is ex­pected by users. High­est foam gen­er­a­tion was in Ha­mam and Lifebuoy (both 240 mm) and low­est in Re­liance and Pal­mo­live (both 160 mm). Mat­ter In­sol­u­ble in Al­co­hol The lower the in­sol­u­ble ma­te­rial, the bet­ter is the prod­uct. Apart from adding on to the weight, in­sol­u­ble ma­te­ri­als also make a dif­fer­ence to the over­all clean­ing abil­ity of the prod­uct. High­est mat­ter in­sol­u­ble in al­co­hol was found in Ha­mam (1.58 per cent); the low­est was in Savlon (0.064 per cent). Sta­bil­ity The prod­uct shall re­main a ho­mo­ge­neous sta­ble com­po­si­tion and show no sign of sep­a­ra­tion or sed­i­men­ta­tion when kept at 5 de­gree C for 24 hours. All brands met the sta­bil­ity con­di­tion.

Free Caus­tic Al­kali It should be on the lower side. It was not de­tected in any of the tested brands – they

all re­ceived full score.

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