Why We Need Elec­trolytes

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Wa­ter deficit in the body leads to de­hy­dra­tion and along with it, loss of elec­trolytes and ions, which can in­ter­fere with nor­mal body pro­cesses. Elec­trolytes are min­er­als in our body that have an elec­tric charge. They are in our blood, urine and body flu­ids. Main­tain­ing the right bal­ance of elec­trolytes helps our body’s blood chem­istry, mus­cle ac­tion and other pro­cesses. Sodium, cal­cium, potas­sium, chlo­rine, phos­phate and mag­ne­sium are all elec­trolytes. We get them from the foods we eat and the flu­ids we drink. Lev­els of elec­trolytes in our body can be­come too low or too high. That can hap­pen when the amount of wa­ter in our body changes, caus­ing de­hy­dra­tion or over-hy­dra­tion. Causes in­clude some medicines, vom­it­ing, di­ar­rhoea, sweat­ing or kid­ney prob­lems. Prob­lems most of­ten oc­cur with lev­els of sodium, potas­sium or cal­cium. Bev­er­ages that are for­ti­fied with elec­trolytes can help pre­vent and also treat de­hy­dra­tion. When you ex­er­cise, con­sum­ing such drinks helps in de­lay­ing fa­tigue and helps to re­plen­ish those elec­trolytes lost dur­ing phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity

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