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Ben­zoic acid is a com­mon preser­va­tive and used in pro­cessed foods. The pres­ence of preser­va­tive gen­er­ally in­creases the shelf life of the prod­uct and pre­vents the de­te­ri­o­ra­tion of nu­tri­tional val­ues, taste and odour as well as mi­cro­bial con­tam­i­na­tion. How­ever, an ex­cess amount of preser­va­tive is not de­sir­able. FSS Reg­u­la­tions al­low for a max­i­mum of 200 parts per mil­lion (ppm) of ben­zoic acid con­tent in jams. All the tested brands were within the re­quired limit. Ben­zoic acid was not de­tected at all in the brand Dana – this is a good thing for con­sumers. Brand Dana Kis­san Mapro Tops Patan­jali

Yeast and Spores

Lab Re­sults (ppm) Be­low de­tec­tion limit* 91.73 106.97 124.48 174.34 *De­tec­tion limit of lab was 7.91 ppm. What is neatly hid­den and clus­tered un­der one head – Class II preser­va­tives – in food la­bels is an ar­ray of sub­stances like ben­zoic and tar­taric acid. Ben­zoic acid is a com­mon preser­va­tive usu­ally added to pre­vent growth of moulds, yeast and other bac­te­ria. Ben­zoic acid con­trib­utes to in­creased over­all acid­ity of the prod­uct and peo­ple suf­fer­ing from gas­tric or acid­ity prob­lems would do well to keep away from pro­cessed foods that have high ben­zoic acid con­tent. Jams fall in this cat­e­gory.

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