FDA Bans Tri­closan

Tri­closan does not make your hand-wash liq­uid more ef­fec­tive, says CV study

Consumer Voice - - Special Update -

Cer­tainly,it seems true enough that there's a good deal of irony in the world...Imean,if you live in a world full of politi­cians and ad­ver­tis­ing,there's ob­vi­ously a lot of de­cep­tion. ~Ken­nethKoch

Mostly what hap­pens is that we be­lieve what com­mu­ni­ca­tion medi­ums are writ­ing and telling us. How­ever, the con­tent that we see is pri­mar­ily what ad­ver­tis­ers want. The medi­ums just ad­ver­tise in­di­ca­tors to in­flu­ence us, our ev­ery­day con­sump­tion be­hav­iour and our buy­ing choices. And to con­tinue to be in busi­ness, the ad­ver­tis­ers keep in­tro­duc­ing us to some­thing that is ap­par­ently new, bet­ter, or ad­vanced, or is an up­graded ver­sion of some prod­uct that we have been us­ing. They ask us to change, re­place, up­date, up­grade... They con­vince us into buy­ing.

It hap­pened with hand-wash­ing soaps. Do you re­mem­ber the time when you re­placed a soap bar with liq­uid hand wash next to your wash­basin? At some point, there was so much pos­i­tive in­for­ma­tion about the ad­van­tages of us­ing liq­uid soaps that could kill 99.99 per cent germs, mi­crobes, viruses... (All that’s writ­ten on the front la­bel or is shown in their ads) that you did not mind get­ting one for home. Soon it be­came a ne­ces­sity, a habit. Ev­ery­one has been us­ing it and it does not look or feel harm­ful. There are many brands mak­ing al­most the same thing.

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