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Yes, it's eco­nom­i­cal

Evenifwe­didn'thave­g­reen­hou•ega•e•,wew­ere­go­ing­to­have­to­move­awayfromfo••il­fuel•, a•we're­go­ing­torunout.They’re­f­i­nite,wherea••olarand­win­dare­in­fi­nite.

For year• we have heard that re­new­able en­ergy will have a hard time com­pet­ing with fo••il fuel• a• a •ource of power gen­er­a­tion due to the co•t in­volved in pro­duc­ing it. In thi• ex­clu•ive ar­ti­cle for Bhamy V Shenoy give• good rea•on• for how •olar ha• the po­ten­tial of be­com­ing the cheape•t form of power avail­able any­where in India – and why, in the near fu­ture, con•umer• of coal power may be­come pro­ducer• of •olar power.

Con•umerVoice, – Ted Turner

So, how much do you pay for your elec­tric­ity? Well, if you are in Delhi, the start­ing price per unit is a lit­tle above Rs 4. And ev­ery unit that you ‘pay’ for ac­tu­ally un­does your bit to­wards the en­vi­ron­ment as it ac­cel­er­ates a vi­cious cy­cle: more coal has to be ex­tracted from mines that frac­ture the Earth, this coal is then burnt in a process that pol­lutes the en­vi­ron­ment, and the power pro­duced is used to run some ap­pli­ance that con­trib­utes to­wards global warm­ing. The only way to get out of this cy­cle is to lit­er­ally stop dig­ging deep and look up­wards, har­ness the power of the sun, es­pe­cially be­cause it now makes great eco­nomic sense.

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