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Pack­ing Health drinks are re­quired to be packed in her­met­i­cally sealed, clean and sound tin con­tain­ers or glass bot­tles or other mois­ture-proof con­tain­ers – such as rigid con­tain­ers made from high-den­sity poly­eth­yl­ene (HDPE) or con­tain­ers made from flex­i­ble pack­ag­ing ma­te­rial such as lam­i­nates of pa­per, poly­eth­yl­ene and alu­minium foil. The pack­ag­ing is to be done in such a way so as to pro­tect the prod­uct from de­te­ri­o­ra­tion dur­ing stor­age as well as from mois­ture. Score has been given de­pend­ing on the qual­ity of the pack­ag­ing. • Pack­ag­ing in all

re­quire­ments. the brands was as per

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