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“One night be­fore work, I couldn’t go off to sleep, so I stayed up late watch­ing TV. I was groggy in the morn­ing, but pow­ered through. We had a lunchtime meet­ing with the en­tire staff, so my boss got us all this food and we ate in the con­fer­ence room. I chowed down and af­ter­wards, my eye­lids started get­ting heavy, prob­a­bly from the big meal- no sleep com­bi­na­tion. Be­fore I knew it, I heard my boss call­ing my name, and my co- worker next to me gave me a shove. I’d dozed off. My boss was like, ‘ I’m sorry if this is bor­ing you. Would you care to leave?’ I sat up and said, ‘ No, sorry, sir...’ and grabbed my notepad. My co- work­ers still joke about it.”

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