How Much Game Do You Have?

Cosmopolitan (India) - - QUIZ - 1. At a club, you no­tice a hot­tie across the room has been eye­ing you shyly all night. To help him along, you: 2. The new guy you’ve been see­ing waits un­til the day to ask what your Satur­day- night plans are. You say: 3. At the end of an amaz­ing date, t

Walk over and say that you saw him look­ing and now the ball is back in his court. “I made plans al­ready, but I’d love to see you this com­ing week some­time.” Just a few sec­onds be­fore you whis­per in his ear that you had fun with him, then head in­side. A postage- stamp skirt, plus thigh- high leather boots. Mak­ing a flirty com­ment on a guy friend’s wall— jeal­ousy will spur him to talk LTR. Get your friends to re­lo­cate to the op­po­site side of the room, to where he is. “Noth­ing much, just hang­ing out. Do you want to try that new sushi place?” A few min­utes, enough time to run your fin­gers in his hair and tell him he smells sexy. A strap­less dress that shows off your cleav­age. Chang­ing your re­la­tion­ship sta­tus on Face­book— when he sees it, he’ll just go with it. Write down your name and num­ber and ask a friend to pass it on. “I didn’t hear from you all this while, so I said yes to an­other of­fer.” Sev­eral min­utes at least, so you can go full- on tongue as you grind your hips into his. A ca­sual, cute tank dress with a trendy state­ment neck­lace. Swap­ping your pro­file pic­ture to a cute shot of the two of you to­gether— it’ll plant the seed im­me­di­ately.

1 c– 2, b– 0, a–

0; c– 1, b– 2, a–

2; c– 1, b– 0, a–

0; c– 2, b– 1, a–

1; c– 0, b– 2, a–

She was kinda hop­ing for jew­ellery...

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