The Art Of Hair Nour­ish­ment

The new Dove Nour­ish­ing Oil Care Serum is what you need for beau­ti­ful and healthy hair.

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The key to beau­ti­ful hair is nour­ish­ment and we can’t stress this enough. Each day, your hair is sub­jected to ex­treme con­di­tions like pol­lu­tion, sun ex­po­sure, not to men­tion the con­stant styling, brush­ing etc. What you need is a revitalising agent, like the Dove Nour­ish­ing Vita Oil Serum, which re­plen­ishes es­sen­tial oils and helps re­store lus­tre and shine to your hair. The in­stant nour­ish­ment smoothens up to 99% of rough­ness leav­ing your hair softer, shinier and dam­age- free. Us­ing sham­poo and con­di­tioner will only add vol­ume and keep hair clean. How­ever, ap­ply­ing hair serum has more ben­e­fits for hair than reg­u­lar sham­poos. Hair serum con­tains vita oils, which form a pro­tec­tive layer over the strand, thus lock­ing the nat­u­ral mois­ture in, tam­ing frizzy, un­man­age­able hair. Also, it pro­tects hair from dam­age caused by hair styling prod­ucts and the harsh UVA rays.

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Hair Restora­tive Ex­pert, Dr Sandeep Sat­tur at Evolve Medspa an­swers some of your burn­ing hair­care ques­tions...

How can I get my frizz to set­tle into smooth, silky hair?

Dry­ness is the first sign of dam­age. Se­lect a well- de­signed sham­poo, which is mild and gen­tle on hair. To re­store mois­ture and con­trol frizzi­ness, use a good hair serum like Dove Nour­ish­ing Vita Oil Serum, which will im­part shine and im­prove man­age­abil­ity.

I of­ten use a hair straight­ener. This makes my hair dry. What can I do to pre­vent this?

You must know that con­stant styling, us­ing chem­i­cals, chem­i­cal etc. will rob your hair of its nat­u­ral natu mois­ture and es­sen­tial oils. oils Con­di­tion your hair reg­u­larly. Last L but not the least, a high pro­tein pro diet would be

very help­ful. help

Ap­ply­ing hair serum is quite easy

Wash your hair with Dove Nour­ish­ing Oil Care sham­poo and fol­low with a con­di­tioner Towel dry your hair Take 4- 5 drops of Dove Nour­ish­ing Vita Oil Serum on your palm and ap­ply evenly through the length of your hair for shiny and man­age­able tresses

You can also ap­ply serum to un­washed hair to smoothen them, and give them a glam­orous shine.

My hair feels rough af­ter ev­ery wash. Plus, it’s los­ing colour be­cause I have to be out in the sun all day. What should I do for shiny, lus­trous hair?

Al­ways use a con­di­tioner and leave it on for at least five min­utes be­fore wash­ing it off. Also, hair serums can help re­vive your tresses with much­needed nour­ish­ment. If you’re out in the sun reg­u­larly, pro­tect your hair by us­ing a hat or scarf. .

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