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1. My nick­name is_____________ Kan­mani; it ________________ means the ap­ple _________ of my eyes. 2. The best part about be­ing Kalki is... ___________________ My iden­tity cri­sis; it’s ___________________ given me the free­dom ___________________ to choose who I want to ___________________ be, not just French or __________ In­dian. 3. One quirk I can’t seem to get rid of... _________________ I laugh like a seal! 4. If a ge­nie granted me three t wishes they would be... 1. _____________________ The power to change _____________________ the world, 2. the power of ______________________ per­sua­sion, 3. the power to _____ _ fly! 5. My beauty and style icon... i _____________ Juli­ette Binoche 6. Mod­el­ling, the­atre or films; the one I en­joy the most... Act­ing! _______________ For both the­atre _______________ and films. 7. My dream va­ca­tion would be... A ___________ road trip to un­known ____________________ lo­ca­tions in ________ Ladakh. 8. The three words 8 that de­scribe d me best are... En­er­getic, _______________________ in­de­ci­sive and _______________ happy- go- lucky! 9. My favourite de­sign­ers are...________________ Preeti S Kapoor in ____________________ In­dia and Marc Ja­cobs ______________ in­ter­na­tion­ally. 10. The one thing I don’t leave home with­out... My _______ keys. 11. I’m most scared of... _______________________ Los­ing my mind! 12. I feel most com­fort­able in... My _________________ kurta and pa­jama. 13. I’m to­tally ad­dicted to...______________ Dark choco­late. 14. The quick­est way to an­noy me... ___________________ is to tell lies about me. 15. My idea of fun is... Fol­low­ing ____________________ your dreams _________________ and your pas­sions. 16. If I had a time ma­chine I would... 5 ____________________ Just go back to _________________ the ’ 60s, it was an ______________ awe­some time. 17. My favourite song these days is... ____________________ Leonard Co­hen’s Suzanne, _________________ I have been prac­tic­ing __________________ it on my gui­tar these _____ days. 18. One movie char­ac­ter I as­so­ci­ate with... ____________________ Jodie Foster’s char­ac­ter in _________________ Con­tact. I can con­nect ____________________ with that kind of be­lief ___________ and pas­sion.

Kalki in a Preeti S Kapoor out­fit

Kalki’s style y and beauty y icon, Juli­ette Binoche

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