How to Flirt with ANY Man.... ( with­out say­ing a word)!

Mak­ing a guy fall for you doesn’t have to in­volve pick- up lines or clever chat­ter. Ex­perts say that body lan­guage is more pow­er­ful than words, and Cosmo’s ge­nius flirt­ing tricks will turn you into a ( silent) as­sas­sin!

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make a move

There’s a lot of mixed ad­vice go­ing around about be­ing the one to ap­proach a guy. And while con­fi­dence is sexy, in a so­cial sce­nario, it is best to let a guy make the first move. A re­cent study found that a guy is more likely to go out with a wo­man if he’s the one who ap­proaches her, rather than vice versa. That doesn’t


Per­fect your come- hither look. Tilt your head slightly down and to the side, then look up from un­der your lashes and smile. This pose shows guys it’s okay to



Slightly slow down all your ges­tures— cross and un­cross your legs slowly, stroke your neck de­lib­er­ately, or lazily

fix your hair. mean you have to just wait around for him to come over— there are other tricks be­low that’ll help push things along.


and rule

Men tend to be in­tim­i­dated by a pack of girls, so hit up a bar with just two friends. If you see a guy you like, pull away slightly from your pals

and scan the room. When your eyes fall on your tar­get, hold eye con­tact for a few sec­onds to let him know you’ve no­ticed him.


Get into flirt mode

“Make the most of body lan­guage,” says Vi­o­let Blue, author of To­tal Flirt. Your body sends out mes­sages you may not even con­sciously know, and even mi­nor ad­just­ments can change how men per­ceive you. Which is why it’s im­por­tant to turn on your Flirt Mode when out. To do, pull your shoul­ders back and


touchy 8Mir­ror



Giv­ing some­one a per­sonal nick­name cre­ates in­ti­macy. With a new guy, find some­thing pos­i­tive about him— a sense of humour, mus­cles— and give him a nick­name for that. Use it play­fully through your

convo. To be­come a ge­nius flirt, don’t save your skills only for a guy you like— prac­tice on other men you meet so you can per­fect

your game. take a deep breath, imag­in­ing your breath pulling your chest wider and pulling the cen­tre of your chest up to­wards the ceil­ing. Straighten your back and arch the lower back slightly ( a good way to do this, and also make your legs look longer and butt more at­trac­tive, is to wear heels). “When you make your Flirt Mode stance, you’re go­ing to project an aura of con­fi­dence and hap­pi­ness,” says Vi­o­let.

While talk­ing to a guy, touch a part of your body, like your col­lar­bone, cheek, or leg. Touch­ing or stroking your­self is a sign of sen­su­al­ity, plus it will make the guy sub­con­sciously think about touch­ing you, too.

If you’ve ever watched lovedup cou­ples in deep con­ver­sa­tion, you’ll no­tice that they’re pretty much copy­ing each other— they’ll shift their po­si­tions to match the other’s; when one picks up a glass, the other will do the same; and their breath­ing pat­terns will be sim­i­lar. Copy­ing some­one’s move­ments is a short- cut to cre­at­ing the same in­ti­macy real cou­ples share— just re­mem­ber to mimic spar­ingly so it’s not ob­vi­ous.

10 Per­fect spa­ces

Ca­su­ally touch­ing a guy’s arm or knee while laugh­ing at his joke is a great flirt­ing tech­nique— it sub­con­sciously tells him you’re in­ter­ested, and makes him feel more con­nected to you. But, warn ex­perts, the move can some­times back­fire, so it’s smart to test a man’s per­sonal space first. “The bub­ble of air 18 inches around some­one’s body is their in­ti­mate space: a no- go zone when you first meet some­one,” says Judy Dut­ton, author of How The Sci­ence Of Sex Can Make You A Bet­ter Lover. “To see if some­one’s up for you break­ing through this bar­rier, find an ex­cuse to step briefly into this zone, say, by al­low­ing some­one be­hind you to pass, or to grab an ap­pe­tizer off a wan­der­ing tray— then step



‘ Ac­ci­den­tally’ bump into a man when you’re wait­ing for drinks

at the bar. It’s an in­stant convo starter ( hey, you gotta say ‘ sorry’), and the phys­i­cal con­tact from your lit­tle col­li­sion makes the

ex­change more in­ti­mate. back out again. If this per­son is drawn to you, he will re­spond by step­ping in closer af­ter you’ve backed off,” she says.

12 Wear a convo starter

Stand­ing out with help from a great out­fit is one thing; get­ting no­ticed be­cause of some­thing ex­tra­or­di­nary is even bet­ter. A flirt tool— a cool hat, clever T- shirt, or un­usual ac­ces­sory makes oth­ers cu­ri­ous, and gives them a rea­son to chat with you.


the love tri­an­gle

Al­low your gaze to drink in what you see. Ac­cord­ing to ex­perts, when talk­ing to peo­ple, our eyes fol­low a ‘ tri­an­gle’. With ac­quain­tances, we make a small tri­an­gle by mov­ing our eyes from eye to eye, dip­ping them as we move across the bridge of the nose. When we look at the faces of friends, our eyes also in­clude the nose and the mouth. But if we’re at­tracted to a per­son, the tri­an­gle gets wider at the bot­tom as we in­cor­po­rate their body into our gaze. Once you get the hang of the ‘ love tri­an­gle’, let your gaze linger on his lips for a lit­tle longer. This tech­nique sends him a sub­con­scious



While at a bar, ca­su­ally set your hand on your knee so your palm faces up or lay the back of your hand on a ta­ble. This pose lets him know that you’re ap­proach­able and

‘ safe’. mes­sage that you’re won­der­ing what it would be like to kiss him.


the walk

Ob­serve the way other girls walk, es­pe­cially ones you think look

sexy. Celebri­ties, friends, even 10 min­utes at the mall will give you much to watch and learn from. Look at how well, or badly peo­ple walk. Take notes, and try out moves you like.


Just smile

You might think pout­ing is sexy, but new re­search sug­gests that men find moody look­ing women a turn- off. The eas­i­est way to dis­arm, re­lax, and in­trigue a guy is with a smile. “It sounds sim­ple, but when you’re flirt­ing, a smile is an in­stant re­laxer, and makes guys cu­ri­ous about what you’re smil­ing about,” says Vi­o­let. A smile also gives the un­con­scious im­pres­sion that you have a great sense of humour, you’re ap­proach­able, and be­ing around you is in­dica­tive of a good time. And if you are pout­ing, make it guyfriendly— the sex­i­est pout is when you re­lax your mouth and al­low your bot­tom lip to drop slightly open so he can see a bit of white teeth.

17 Lo­ca­tion is every­thing

When it comes to flirt­ing at­mos­pheres, not all places are born equal. Mild to mod­er­ate con­di­tions are best, ex­plains Vi­o­let. “Day­time par­ties, ca­sual cock­tails, wed­dings, art gal­leries, cafes, din­ner par­ties, in­dus­try or busi­ness- re­lated meets, con­fer­ences, reunions, and in class­rooms are great to meet men,” she says.

18 Lower your voice



Did you know that when you like some­one, you au­to­mat­i­cally blink more than usual? Up your blink rate and see if he does the same. If he does, you can safely as­sume he’s in­ter­ested in you, too. Just

don’t overdo it.

Ac­cord­ing to re­search, when a wo­man likes a guy, she un­con­sciously low­ers her voice, mak­ing it huskier and breath­ier— which guys find in­sanely sexy. So to let a guy know you’re in­ter­ested, lower your voice a cou­ple of notches. It’ll in­stantly put him in a more se­duc­tive mind­set.

You know the adage, ‘ The eyes are the win­dows to the soul’? It’s true! “Your reti­nas are ac­tu­ally the only vis­i­ble part of your brain,” says David Givens, Ph. D., author of Love Sig­nals. “Peer­ing into some­one’s eyes is lit­er­ally like see­ing into the mind it­self. So, let­ting your hair fall slightly over your eyes— ob­scur­ing emo­tions tele­graphed through eye con­tact— is coy and al­lur­ing.”


a twin­kle


Make smoul­der­ing eye con­tact, head tipped slightly for­ward, us­ing your soft smile. Main­tain riv­et­ing eye con­tact

and smile wide, keep­ing lips to­gether. Now he is putty in your hands, says author of the book To­tal Flirt,

Vi­o­let Blue.


a fringe

There’s a rea­son why a twin­kle in the eye is so at­trac­tive— shiny eyes send a cue that you’re a lively, vi­brant per­son. While you can’t re­ally force your eyes to sparkle, you can cre­ate a sim­i­lar ef­fect with make- up. First, use eye- drops to tackle any red­ness, then ap­ply a light, shim­mery eye­shadow on lids. Line eyes (‘ wing’ them at the edges for a sexy, fe­line look), then dab high­lighter onto brow bones and blend. High­light the in­ner cor­ners and bot­tom rims of eyes with a light, shim­mery pen­cil ( this re­ally opens them up), and fin­ish with mas­cara.


Po­si­tion it

Ac­cord­ing to Vi­o­let, where you’re sit­u­ated in a room is im­por­tant. “Stand, don’t sit, with your shoul­ders straight and hip cocked,” she says. “Try not to be sep­a­rated by more than two peo­ple, and keep your face slightly away from him: this will make your sig­nal­ing pow­er­ful.”

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