How to Im­prove Your Life ( Ac­cord­ing to Twit­ter)

From love and life to fash­ion, beauty, and health, these Tweet­ers dish some pretty good nuggets in un­der 140 char­ac­ters.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - YOU, YOU, YOU - Com­piled By Nam­rata Achowe

“Loose lips sink ships. Peo­ple need to keep their mouths shut more of­ten. Shut it.” @ KIMKAR­DASHIAN “High pony­tail with long ex­ten­sions circa 1980’ s/ 90’ s madonna!”

@ KATYPE­RRY “Small meals ev­ery 2 hours. ex­er­cise for 1/ 1.5 hrs 4- 5 times a week, and most im­por­tantly - learn to love your­self for who u r :)”

@ SON­AKSHIS­INHA “Gonna wear beige to­day so peo­ple think I’m re­spon­si­ble.”

@ NICO­LERICHIE “Never date a ‘ boy’ ( which i say 4 a rea­son) who doesn’t buy you din­ner ;)”

@ LINDSAYLOHAN “Dear men, ac­tu­ally our dream isn’t find­ing the per­fect guy, it’s be­ing able to eat with­out get­ting fat. Sin­cerely, women.”

@ SONAMAKAPOOR “What­ever will be will be, the fu­ture’s not our’s to see... BUT the present is damn well ours :)” @ ANUSHKASHARMA01 “Just got my first bot­tle of Sen­su­ous Nude- new fra­grance by Estée Lauder. It’s gor­geous.” @ EL­IZ­A­BETH­HUR­LEY “No one is per­fect! But 2 im­per­fect peo­ple can make a per­fect re­la­tion­ship :-)” @ RE­AL­PRE­ITYZ­INTA

“Flow­ers make me so happy! I feel like I’m in a meadow :) LOL.” @ KHLOEKAR­DASHIAN “Go for cool an­kle boots w a chunky sole & don’t be afraid to add a pop of color or great ac­ces­sory ( scarf, cool belt)!”

@ RZRACHELZOE “When­ever you feel in­se­cure, tell your­self: ‘ I am a work in progress’.” @ DEEPAKCHOPRA “Feel­ing like ‘ Jack be nim­ble, Jack be quick!...’ Af­ter an amaz­ing yoga class with my su­per teacher To­nia Clark! Now, off to work!” @ DUT­TA­LARA “Wow this is what I’ve been say­ing for this whole se­ries. LET GO of the PAST. Step out of your his­tory. Live for NOW.. Yay.” @ OPRAH “Its not about the money, honey..!! Lov­ing your work, is the perk!! : D : D”

@ MANDYBEDI “Wht hap­pens be­tween 2 ppl is sup­posed 2 stay be­tween d 2 when its over, that’s d dig­nity that I have grown up with and the re­spect I de­serve.” @ BIP­SLU­VUR­SELF “Rock n’ Roll pony­tail? Yes, please!”

@ HEI­DIK­LUM “BJ TIP: Gen­tly mas­sage his balls. Don’t squeeze, the tes­ti­cles are very sen­si­tive.”

@ KINKYFACTS “Kristin­cav loves dis­cov­er­ing un­der the radar jew­elry brands.”

@ KRISTIN­CAV “Nails: base coat, light coat of pol­ish, heavy coat of pol­ish, top coat, fast- dry­ing top coat. Voila!” @ CARRIESTYLIST “Worked out ex­tra hard so I don’t feel guilty about my cheat night tonight! Pad Thai and Thai iced tea? # YESPLEASE.”

@ ASHLEYTISDALE “Af­ter all, it is hard to mas­ter both life and work equally well. So if you are bound to fake one of them, it had bet­ter be life.” @ ASIN_ THOT­TUMKAL “# Ca­reer Chick Hot Tip: just be­cause you’ve been to a # meet­ing doesn’t mean you have done some­thing. En­sure there is a next step.” @ KARENADAMEDES “You know it’s a bad date when you are both tex­ting away!”

@ PATTISTANGER “Pick a sys­tem for stor­ing shoes. A shoe rack on the floor, a hang­ing shoe or­ga­nizer, see- through plas­tic boxes, or shoe boxes with photo sta­pled to them.” @ SIMPLYORGANISE “See the good in ev­ery­one. Be blind to the faults of oth­ers. It will bring peace in ur life. Things don’t change, change ur way of look­ing at them.”

@ DEEPIKAPADUKONE “Fun and flirty! I Fancy You is my fresh new scent. Give it a try, you won’t be dis­ap­pointed!” @ JESSICASIMPSON “The per­fect lip­stick!!!... YSL rouge, pure shine lip­stick with SPF 15 x vb.” @ VIC­TO­RI­ABECK­HAM “Healthy Din­ner: Baked Chicken & Brus­sel Sprouts w Olive Oil Le­mon/ Hi­malayan Salt & Pep­per & Cur­ried Sweet Potato.” @ JEANETTEJENKINS “Work on lov­ing your­self. Hap­pi­ness is an in­side job be­tween you and your higher power, what­ever that is for you!”

@ MRSKUTCHER “Makeup Tip: Toss your mas­cara ev­ery 4 months. Want it to last long? Dont pump the wand.” @ STEPHANIEFLOR “... you have no idea how ob­sessed I am with your poi­son- stained lips 4 spring.” @ PRABALGURUNG “Hav­ing a guy dump you and say, ‘ We can still be friends’, is like hav­ing your mom say, ‘ Your dog died but you can still keep it.’” @ RELATIONSHIPSSS “A day at the spa is al­ways a day well spent!”


‘ Tweet­ing when I should be work­ing. # True story’

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