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If it took you more than 30 sec­onds to fig­ure out who the Chief Jus­tice of In­dia ( SH Kapadia, BTW) is, you are among the whop­ping 77 per­cent sur­veyed by Cosmo, who didn’t know ei­ther. We con­ducted a street poll of 20- some­things af­ter we came across a dis­turb­ing study. Re­search com­mis­sioned for the re­lease of New Moon on DVD showed that a ma­jor­ity of those polled know who Ed­ward Cullen is ( he’s the lead male char­ac­ter in Twi­light, for the unini­ti­ated), but very few could name the ba­sic heads of State. So we com­piled our very own quiz, to test Cosmo read­ers on im­por­tant top­ics. Take it now and see how you do...

1 The first Prime Min­is­ter of In­dia was…

a) Lal Ba­hadur Shas­tri b) Jawa­har­lal Nehru c) Mo­rarji Desai d) Gulzari­lal Nanda

2 How many states are there in In­dia?

a) 28 b) 26 c) 29 d) 27

3 Sarah Jes­sica Parker plays a lead role in which tele­vi­sion se­ries?

a) F. R. I. E. N. D. S b) V eronica’s Closet c) W ill And Grace d) Sex And The City

4 What coun­try was the cur­rent US Pres­i­dent Barack Obama born in?

a) United States of Amer­ica

b) Honolulu c) Aus­tralia d) Kenya a) The Ra­dia tapes con­tro­versy b) The In­dian Premier League

( IPL) scan­dal c) Money laun­der­ing in the

Com­mon­wealth Games d) The 2010 hous­ing loan scam a) Deepika Padukone b) Ka­t­rina Kaif c) An­gela Jon­s­son d) Bi­pasha Basu

a) Turkey b) Viet­nam c) Ice­land d) Nor­way a) J. Jay­alalitha b) Mayawati c) Mamta Ban­er­jee d) Sheila Dik­shit a) Deputy Chair­man of the Plan­ning Com­mis­sion b) Chair­man of the Plan­ning

Com­mis­sion c) Chief Min­is­ter of Pun­jab d) Chair­man of the Fi­nance

Com­mis­sion a) Diana Agron b) Lea Michele c) Blake Lively c) Jenna Ushkowitz

5 The Kal­madi case was about: 6 Who is Ran­bir Kapoor ru­moured to be cur­rently dat­ing? 7Which

of the fol­low­ing is not a David Guetta song…

a) Sexy Bitch b) I Gotta Feel­ing c) Right Round d) Love Is Gone


is the cap­i­tal of… 9 Who is the Chief Min­is­ter of Tamil Nadu? 10 Mon­tek Singh Ah­luwalia is… 11 Which ac­tor plays the role of Rachel in Glee? 12 What do Bella and Ed­ward ( from the Twi­light se­ries) de­cide to call their baby?

a) Re­nee b) Rose c) Re­nes­mee d) Esme

13 What are the names of the three Kar­dashian sis­ters?

a) Kylie, Kate, Kim b) Kim, Kris, Khloe c) Kristina, Kim, Kourt­ney d) Kourt­ney, Kim, Khloe

15 What in­spired Coco Chanel’s No. 5? 14 Jen­nifer Lopez has di­vorced:

a) Never b) Once c) Twice d) Three times a) Her mother’s favourite num­ber b) Date of birth c) Her lucky num­ber d) Her shoe size


The Brangelina kids are:

a) Ap­ple, Tina, Billy, Jes­sica,

Ta­mara b) Mad­dox, Za­hara, Shiloh, Pax,

Knox, Vivi­enne c) Suri, Lour­des, Max, Levi, Ariana d) Brook­lyn, Romeo, Harper, Cruz a) The­ory of rel­a­tiv­ity— E= mc2 b) Ori­gin of species— the­ory of

evo­lu­tion c) Ex­is­tence of water on the planet

Mars d) Dis­cov­ery of the so­lar sys­tem a) Chen­nai b) Kolkata c) Delhi c) Ben­galuru

21 Which city was the In­dian cap­i­tal dur­ing Bri­tish rule? 22 Who are the founders of Face­book?

a) Larry Page and Sergey Brin b) Mark Zucker­berg and Steve Jobs c) Mark Zucker­berg, Dustin Moskovitz, Ed­uardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes c) Mark Zucker­berg and Ed­uardo Saverin

19 How many mem­bers are there in the Lok Sabha? 17 What currency does Dubai use?

a) Dirham b) Lira c) Rand d) Ru­ble

18 Al­bert Ein­stein was known for...

a) 522 b) 545 c) 534 d) 552

20 Who won Bigg Boss Sea­son 4?

a) Ash­mit Pa­tel b) Dolly Bin­dra c) The Great Khali d) Shweta Ti­wari

c) ( 22. b); ( 21. d); ( 20. b); ( 19. a); ( 18. a); ( 17. b); ( 16. c); ( 15. d); ( 14. d); ( 13. c); ( 12. b); ( 11. a); ( 10. a); ( 9. d); ( 8. c); ( 7. c); ( 6. c); ( 5. b); ( 4. d); ( 3. a); ( 2. b); ( 1. SCOR­ING:

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