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Ger­ard But­ler is a man of ex­tremes. Work­ing on his new movie, Ma­chine Gun Preacher, based on the life of drug deal­ing biker Sam Childers; the Scot­tish hunk talks about his ob­ses­sions, his meet­ing with Sam and en­coun­ters with his fans at all the wrong places.

Cosmo: What are your ob­ses­sions in life? Ger­ard But­ler: “I think I have many. I’m not go­ing to go into too many de­tails but the main one is three let­ters— the first one is S and the third one is X. No! I’m jok­ing. My ob­ses­sions have led me down some wind­ing, dark roads. And many have brought me to the place where I am at to­day, be­cause I re­ally grab onto them with both hands and bite into them. This movie was one of them. I get ob­sessed with roles, es­pe­cially when that role is im­pact­ful and has a mes­sage.” C: What was Sam Childers like when you met him? GB: “I saw a man with in­cred­i­ble charisma and you could tell he could be very dan­ger­ous as well. He’s a pow­er­house of a man but with a great twin­kle in his eye. He’s a re­ally colour­ful char­ac­ter with a good sense of humour.” C: Do you still get the Sparta shouts when you’re in pub­lic? GB: “Oh yeah. I was us­ing a pub­lic toi­let at an air­port re­cently when I sud­denly got the, ‘ THIS IS SPARTA!’ shout. I was like, ‘ Okay,’ while ev­ery­one car­ried on about their busi­ness.” C: Do you ever get fans who think they can take you on? GB: “Most of the time guys come up to me go­ing, ‘ My girl­friend thinks you’re great. You’d be her one free pass.’ And I’m like, ‘ Well, you’re tak­ing it very well.’ I feel un­comfy when they do that.” ■

Ger­ard But­ler

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