Read His ( Sexy) Lips

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5 He’s Smirk­ing

When the cor­ners of a guy’s mouth pull back and up, it can look like a douchey sneer. But sur­pris­ingly, it means he wants to smile, but he’s feel­ing self­con­scious.


Pout is Pursed

He prob­a­bly has bad news. A scrunched- up pucker and ten­sion around his lips are signs he is strug­gling to force out the words.

7 He Cov­ers His Mouth With His Palm

Some­thing ( you?) is mak­ing him ner­vous! Touch­ing him­self is a form of self­sooth­ing, and briefly shield­ing his lips shows he’s feel­ing tongue- tied ( or has bad breath).


He Bites His Lip

Yes, he’s hot for you. Chew­ing is what we do to some­thing yummy, so he’s sub­con­sciously nib­bling his lips, imag­in­ing putting them on yours.

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