Clues That Tell You He’s Fer­tile ( or Not)

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Flat stom­ach

down by fat cells that build up around a guy’s mid­dle. If he has a spare tyre, his testos­terone sup­ply will be de­pleted.


Pecs of steel 93

Sperm check

A man needs testos­terone to build mus­cles, so a ripped bod sig­nals high fer­til­ity.

The cloudier his se­men, the more sperm it’s likely to con­tain. Also, the thicker it is, the slower it will travel.


Pe­nis test

Note where his ure­thra is lo­cated. It should be right at the tip ( not near the shaft) to send sperm swim­ming in the right di­rec­tion.


Hairy be­low 96


Spots on a man’s body where more hair means more testos­terone: face, pits, pack­age.

is pro­duced in the tes­ti­cles and the big­ger they are, the more sperm he’ll crank out.

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