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Cosmo talks body con­fi­dence with the high priest­ess of fab­u­los­ity, J. Lo

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We'd like to say that in the flesh, Jen­nifer Lopez is, frankly, a bit plain. Only she's not— the 41year- old is all flaw­less skin, strik­ingly beau­ti­ful fea­tures, and gleam­ing, killer legs. She's nice too. Well, more power to her— as long as she'll di­vulge her se­crets.

You seem to have real body con­fi­dence. What's the se­cret?

" Well, I know it's hard for women to tap into that feel­ing of self- worth. We need to get the mes­sage out that you are val­ued, you are a god­dess and we should never for­get that. It's about stop­ping those thoughts of neg­a­tiv­ity and in­se­cu­rity. I think chang­ing that and re­ally recog­nis­ing your­self trig­gers con­trol of how you feel, so you're able to go, ' No, I'm awe­some man, I'm amaz­ing, there's no­body like me.' I think that's the big­gest se­cret."

Did you get those mes­sages from a young age?

" I think so. There was a lot of love in my fam­ily, and it helps, ab­so­lutely. But it's easy to let neg­a­tive stuff get to you. I'm no dif­fer­ent from any­one else. If I'm per­form­ing for 20,000 peo­ple and there's one per­son near the front row who's not en­joy­ing them­self, it'll be that one per­son who's go­ing to bother me. That's why it's im­por­tant to re­mem­ber you're spe­cial, so those mes­sages reg­is­ter more than the few neg­a­tive ones."

Are you proud to be the poster girl for girls with curves or are you a bit sick of the sub­ject?

“It just de­pends on whether it’s done in a dis­re­spect­ful way. It can be a real com­pli­ment. But when peo­ple com­ment on my fig­ure in a nasty way that they find funny or amus­ing, it gets a lit­tle in­sult­ing. Then, yeah, it tir­ing.”

What ex­er­cise works for your body?

“Right now I’m do­ing Tracy An­der­son ( the

dance- based Tracy An­der­son Method is what has kept Gwyneth Pal­trow and Madonna uber- toned for years). Dance- based- ex­er­cise works for me but I think it’s great for any­body. Of­ten it doesn’t re­ally feel like ex­er­cise.”

You have fab­u­lous legs. Any tips?

“Mak­ing sure they’re smooth is a good start. I was talk­ing to a friend about how she used to have to bor­row her dad’s ra­zors and fum­ble around with these blades— I’d say thank god for Venus that we don’t have to bor­row guys’ stuff any­more and we have our own now!”

Hav­ing a lit­tle girl your­self, do you think there’s too much pres­sure on young women these days to be com­pletely hair- free?

“I never think about it. It just comes down to what you feel com­fort­able with. And, you know, maybe it’s just one of those trends that’ll pass.”

Do you al­ways have your ra­zor to hand or are you the girl who for­gets to shave un­less there’s a spe­cial oc­ca­sion?

“No, no, I do it all the time, and I’m not a hairy per­son, but even the lit­tlest bit of hair comes up and I whip it off. I’m def­i­nitely a groomed per­son— I like clean hair and nails.”

In a film for Care, one of the char­i­ties you sup­port, char­ity work­ers say that one of the first things that hap­pens when they give dis­ad­van­taged girls a school ed­u­ca­tion is that they be­gin to take an in­ter­est in how they look. Does that sur­prise you?

“No. A part of how to take care of your­self on the out­side re­flects how you feel within. If you be­come em­pow­ered on the in­side, it will re­flect on the out­side. I don’t be­lieve for a sec­ond that that’s a su­per­fi­cial thing; it is im­por­tant.”

You seem to be en­joy­ing judg­ing on Amer­i­can Idol...

“I re­ally am!”

Those kids, and es­pe­cially the girls, are go­ing to be scru­ti­nised re­ally harshly. What do you tell them?

“They’ll be ripped apart, for sure. You know it’s part of this busi­ness but some­times we think, ‘ Can they han­dle this?’ Some al­ready seem very frag­ile, so how will they deal with the big time? They’ve got to be tough and know who they are. We men­tor them as much as we can. We have to keep our dis­tance too, be­cause we’re judges, but we do what we can to share our own ex­pe­ri­ences.” J. Lo is global am­bas­sador for Venus. To help women in need, Venus and Jen­nifer Lopez are sup­port­ing the char­ity Care. For more in­for­ma­tion, visit Face­book. com/ Venusuk

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