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Get­ting on top and telling him not to move a sin­gle mus­cle—you con­trol the pac­ing while he sits back and watches

De­mand­ing that he scream your name mid-sex

Reach­ing be­tween your legs and mas­sag­ing his balls dur­ing dog­gie-style

Bit­ing his shoul­der hard enough to leave teeth marks when you’re in mis­sion­ary

Mas­sag­ing your cli­toris as he’s thrust­ing, bring­ing your­self to the brink of or­gasm

Flex­ing your Kegel mus­cles while he’s in­side you, squeez­ing when he re-en­ters you

Dig­ging your nails into his shoul­ders and rak­ing them down his back when he’s on top, leav­ing red marks

Lean­ing over the arm of the couch and ask­ing him to en­ter you from be­hind

It made her gig­gle that

his chest was so cold

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