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As best friends from the age of three, the one cer­tainty in Sonam and Anandita’s re­la­tion­ship is that they com­plete each other’s sen­tences and re­fute each other’s sto­ries. Every­thing else is a fun, hotch-potch mix­ture of their com­pletely op­po­site per­son­al­i­ties. Even to­day, their tabla teacher’s anal­y­sis from when they were 7-year­sold, and sat on his knees, holds true. Says Sonam, “I was the chat­ter­box and the nau­tanki and Anandita was the ma­ture one who didn’t talk a lot. The ‘in­no­cent girl’.”

How­ever, they do feel that there is an in­vis­i­ble um­bil­i­cal chord that strength­ened their re­la­tion­ship through the many dif­fer­ent phases of life. Liv­ing for al­most two decades in the same neigh­bour­hood, tak­ing the same car pool, then school bus, and be­ing in each other’s homes ev­ery sin­gle day for al­most two decades can make you an ex­pert on ev­ery lit­tle nu­ance in your BFF’S ex­pres­sion, tone and mood. But a friend in need is a friend in­deed. Re­mem­ber­ing a time when Anandita was go­ing through a par­tic­u­larly reclu­sive phase, Sonam com­plains about how stub­born and stuck-in-a-rut her best friend can get. “I love Andy for be­ing the most hon­est and gen­uine per­son I know. She’ll never judge me and shares ev­ery emo­tion with me. But she can just be so stub­born some­times,” says Sonam. “When I’m stub­born, Sonam is pushy and that leads to a vi­cious cy­cle. Some­times, when I don’t want to go out, Sonam just won’t stop call­ing.” Yet, their ar­gu­ments stop when it comes to in­tu­itively buy­ing ex­actly the same clothes while shop­ping sep­a­rately, or the col­lec­tive crushes they had as kids. “Now, luck­ily, we just don’t like the same kind of guys,” says Anandita.

Anandita (left) is wear­ing a top, Gio­vani; belt, Kazo; pa­perbag shorts, Pret; neck­lace and pearl bracelet, both Am­ra­pali; stone ring, Amethyst. Sonam (right) is wear­ing a cardi­gan, Deben­hams; neck­lace, Ac­ces­sorize; link chain, Next; ring, Amethyst Hair & Make-up: Me­hak Val­lecha; Styling: Odette Syiam; As­sisted by: Se­her Mustafa; Lo­ca­tion: For­get­ful Ele­phant, GK 1,

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