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Just when we thought it couldn’t get bet­ter, Tom Cruise has done an even bet­ter job in the new Mis­sion: Im­pos­si­ble Ghost Pro­to­col. Here, he talks about ac­tion movies, risk­ing his neck on the sets dur­ing stunts, and his adorable daugh­ter Suri.

Cosmo: You’ve done a few ac­tion movies now. How do keep top­ping the last?

Tom Cruise: “The most im­por­tant thing is story and just get­ting in­ven­tive with the ac­tion to tell the story. We’re al­ways try­ing to find stuff that we haven’t seen be­fore.”

C: When you look back over your ca­reer, are there any favourite films?

TC: “It’s like your chil­dren; I can’t say there’s a favourite. But there are films that, when I look back on them, I say ‘Wow, I’m re­ally pleased’. Like Risky Busi­ness and Taps— when I look back then, that time was very spe­cial to me. But it’s hard, I can’t say ‘That is my favourite’ be­cause there are so many ones that I feel re­ally proud of what we cre­ated at that point.”

C: How was it work­ing in a mu­si­cal like Rock of Ages?

TC: “I had started danc­ing be­cause I was in­spired by my wife. She kept say­ing, ‘You’ve got to do a mu­si­cal some­time’. Katie’s a dancer, so she would say, ‘Let’s go to dance class’, and that’s how I kind of came up with the idea of Les Gross­man in Tropic Thun­der do­ing hip-hop. And then to take it to the next level with Rock of Ages was re­ally fun.”

C: So what did Suri do all day while you were work­ing?

TC: “What are kids gonna do? You know, run around and play. Or be in the make-up room. Other peo­ple work­ing on the movies had their kids around too. But that’s the way it is. You wake up in the morn­ing, and ev­ery­one kinda goes to the set.”

Tom Cruise

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