Shav­ing g

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It is con­sid­ered to be one of the quick­est meth­ods of hair re­moval used by women. But that’s not

all there is to it.

In-grown hair is a

ma­jor prob­lem This is a prob­lem most women who shave claim they have. It al­most al­ways re­sults in prob­lem­atic in-grown hair.

You’re prone to nicks and cuts An al­most un­avoid­able dis­ad­van­tage of shav­ing, spe­cially when you're in a hurry can lead to scar­ring of your

skin in the long run.

You could get in­fected with tetanus and other viruses from

us­ing a ra­zor that is rusty. Most women who shave when they

are in a hurry don’t take care to check if the ra­zor is rusty, and if they need to use a new one. This could lead to your skin get­ting in­fected.

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