4Tools For THE Sexi

There’s noth­ing more mo­ti­vat­ing than a sexy LBD you want to de­but at a party to get you those mod­e­lesque gams you’ve al­ways wanted. Here’s our check­list of ev­ery­thing you need to be dress-ready for spring.

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1. Your Legs, , Toned and Sexy—n ow!

2. The Beauty Regime to Fol­low A lit­tle at-home ther­apy is all you need to be a shame­less leg show-off in no time.

DO A SE­RI­OUS SCRUB Un­less you ex­fo­li­ate first, even the best mois­turiser r can’t do its job. Our skin be­comes drier be­cause the bot­tom layer doesn’t re­gen­er­ate as fre­quently. Ex­fo­li­a­tion strips away flakes on top, al­low­ing fresh cells to come to the sur­face.

SOFTEN IN THE SHOWER Get a head start on hy­dra­tion with the lat­est gen­er­a­tion of body washes—cream oils. These are usu­ally a mix of glyc­erin, oils, and petro­la­tum; they cleanse and soften all at once. Cleans­ing can strip mois­ture from the skin, but cream oils have been shown to im­prove skin’s mois­ture con­tent af­ter wash­ing.

MOIS­TURISE! MOIS­TURISE! MOIS­TURISE! Dry skin is un­healthy skin. Well-hy­drated skin pro­vides a bet­ter bar­rier to the en­vi­ron­ment and it makes legs look smoother and pret­tier too. There’s noth­ing like a good lo­tion to keep your skin happy, shin­ing and smooth.

Pret­zel Plank

(1) Start in a kneel­ing po­si­tion. Cross your right leg over your left and lean for­ward, stretch­ing your arms in front of you. (2) Un­wrap your right leg, and push your­self up into a one-leg plank, right leg ex­tended. Re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do 20, and switch sides.




Dou­ble-leg Blaster

(1) Be­gin with a one-leg side plank, with your right arm un­der­neath your shoul­der and in line with your left arm, which is ex­tended up. Your left foot is on the ground, and your right foot is lifted a few inches and slightly to­wards the front.

(2) Ro­tate your body so that your chest faces the floor, and place your left hand and right knee on the ground. Lift your left leg. Re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do 20, and switch sides.

An­kle Tap

(1) Start on your hands and knees, and plant your right foot on the ground, half­way be­tween your hip and shoul­der. Turn out your foot, so your in­ner thigh faces front. (2) Lift your left knee, and touch the in­side of your left an­kle to your right calf. Re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do 20, and switch sides.

Thigh Trim­mer

(1) Sit with your left leg be­hind you, knee bent. Bend your right leg in front of you, hands planted on the floor on ei­ther side. Shift your weight onto your hands, and lift your right leg an inch or two off the ground. (2) Lower your right leg back to its start­ing po­si­tion, and lift your left leg a few inches off the ground. Re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do 20, and switch sides.

Ex­fo­li­ate lightly with a soft loofah Mois­tur­is­ing should be a ma­jor part of your beauty process

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