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Ar­jun Mathur, whose re­sume is get­ting along nicely with films like Luck By Chance, My Name is Khan and My Friend Pinto, says he’s begged, bor­rowed and even stolen for love.

The first time I fell in love... I was 16. I begged and bor­rowed money from my friend Jassa and bought this girl a teddy bear, flow­ers and a per­fume. I also stole my sis­ter’s sil­ver bracelet and added it to the pack­age. It didn’t work. She said no.

Cra­zi­est thing I’ve done in love... I was 15, my love was un­re­quited, and I had just been in­tro­duced to al­co­hol. So I got drunk and took out a com­pass to carve her name on my arm. But I chick­ened out, it re­ally hurt.

Love is... sur­ren­der. When you give your­self to it com­pletely, it can be the most en­rich­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

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