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In­dian Idol star and host, bud­ding ac­tor ( Bad­maash Com­pany) and qual­i­fied den­tist, Chang’s ac­com­plish­ments are dizzy­ing. As a boyfriend though, he’s game enough to ad­mit, he’s a lit­tle wet be­hind the ears.

A ro­man­tic dis­as­ter... When I was a den­tist, I had a ma­jor crush on a pa­tient. The day I de­cided to tell her, she shows up with her boyfriend, who stands be­hind me while I look at her teeth. My in­stru­ments kept slip­ping out of my hands. What at­tracts me to a woman is... Her smile, it’s her call­ing card. I’m a den­tist, so I no­tice women’s teeth. Strangely, the most at­trac­tive girls have had im­per­fect teeth, but ex­tremely in­ter­est­ing smiles.

The per­fect re­la­tion­ship... Is more like a friend­ship. It’s not about ex­chang­ing gifts and pick-up lines. There is sweet­ness and gen­uine re­spect and con­sid­er­a­tion for the other per­son.

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