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He’s been branded a love rat and a cheat, but hav­ing learned his les­son the hard way, Ash­ton Kutcher in­sists he has changed for the bet­ter. Here, he opens up about the ef­fect women have on men, his hopes for 2012 and his com­mit­ment to the en­vi­ron­ment. And, as he pro­motes the new sea­son of Two and a half men, Mr Kutcher makes a point of not men­tion­ing Demi...

Cosmo: You have a new look!

Ash­ton Kutcher: You know, women will make you do things that you never thought you would do. But this new look (clean shaven, short hair) is re­lated to the show com­pletely.

C: What are your hopes for 2012?

AK: I’m fo­cused on Two and a Half Men and on my anti-hu­man traf­fick­ing or­gan­i­sa­tion. I just want to keep that mov­ing for­ward.

C: And how has the year been so far?

AK: I’ve had a blast! Ever since I stopped do­ing That ’70s Show, I al­ways wanted to go back and do TV. So when I had this op­por­tu­nity, I was like, “This is un­be­liev­able!”

C: Any lessons on re­cov­er­ing from mis­takes on Twit­ter?

AK: Now, I pause be­fore I put some­thing out and make sure I’m fully ed­u­cated on what I am talk­ing about. It’s a great les­son for life, too. To pause be­fore you act, and be sure that what you’re do­ing is what you want to be do­ing.

C: We hear you’re eco-con­scious...

AK: I drive hy­brid cars and have so­lar pan­els on my house. I re­cy­cle and try to con­serve water and try to not fly pri­vate when I don’t have to.

C: You are such a se­ri­ous guy in per­son, and yet you al­ways play char­ac­ters who are fairly clue­less...

AK: I am se­ri­ous when I am talk­ing to the press be­cause I am al­ways on guard. I never know what you are go­ing to ask, and I never know how they are go­ing to con­strue my an­swer.

Ash­ton Kutcher

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