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“Our skin and scalp tend to feel stretched and itchy when­ever there’s a change in weather. Use freshly squeezed Aloe Vera gel to keep your skin hy­drated. Mas­sage a gen­er­ous dol­lop on your scalp or use it as a pack on your body or face and let it dry nat­u­rally.”

Sa­man­tha Kochhar

“Use a lip balm or mois­turiser on lips 15 mins be­fore ap­ply­ing lip­stick for bet­ter, long- last­ing colour. Use a lighter shade of gloss in the cen­tre of your lower lip to give more di­men­sion to your pout and make it look fuller.”

—Clint Fer­nan­des

“Never use con­di­tioner on your scalp as it will make your hair limp and flat. Ap­ply only on the cu­ti­cles and keep on for 20 min­utes be­fore rins­ing. Never blow-dry soak­ing wet hair, or you’ll end up fry­ing your strands. Al­low it to air-dry for a bit be­fore us­ing the dryer.”

— Rod Anker “Keep your eyes as nat­u­ral as pos­si­ble. Start with an un­der- eye con­cealer to cover im­per­fec­tions. To pre­vent your eye­liner from smudg­ing, use a nude eye pen­cil on your lid, as close to the lash line as pos­si­ble, and ap­ply eye­liner over it.”

— Anil Chi­nappa “Eat more pro­tein if your hair is limp, life­less, and tak­ing time to grow. Good sources of pro­tein in­clude eggs, lean meat and fish, beans and seeds, whole­grains, and low-fat dairy or soy prod­ucts.”

— Daniel Bauer

“If you have thin lips, start by us­ing a thin cream con­cealer to make your up­per and lower lip even-toned. Al­low it to dry, then use a nude pen­cil to out­line your mouth. Start from the out­side and fol­low your lip line as close to the out­line as pos­si­ble. When mov­ing to­wards the Cupid’s bow, go a lit­tle out­side your lip line and build your lips by fill­ing in colour.”

— Anil Chi­nappa “Never go be­yond the crease line/ socket of the eye while ap­ply­ing your eye­shadow. It looks dated, and too much colour will make your eyes look smaller.”

—Clint Fer­nan­des “Re­place your pow­der blush with a cream, mousse or gel- based ver­sion. A liq­uid- y blush not only lasts longer, but also gives you a warm flushed glow, in­stead of a fake pop of colour.”

—Nam­rata Soni

May­belline Dream Mousse Blush, ` 190 L’oc­c­i­tane Lip Balm in Co­coa Flower, ` 690 Estée Lauder Day Wear Sheer Tint Re­lease Mois­tur­izer,

` 3,180 Lancôme L’ab­solu Rouge in Caprice, ` 1,590

Dove Nour­ish­ing Oil Care

Daily Treat­ment Con­di­tioner,

` 160 M.A.C Pro Long­wear Eye­shadow in Care­free,

` 1,390 Givenchy Maquil­lage Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor in Can­dide Gar­den, ` 1,950

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