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boobs. “This gesture says to him, ‘I find you mas­cu­line, and you make me feel fem­i­nine,’” ex­plains Dr Do­bran­sky. “It’s that kind of po­lar­ity that main­tains sex­ual chem­istry over the long-term, which is cru­cial to a healthy re­la­tion­ship.” Putting your hand here will cause a spike of dopamine in his brain (a neu­ro­trans­mit­ter that boosts ex­cite­ment). “That’s im­por­tant, since it will make him feel more pas­sion­ate to­wards you,” says Dr Do­bran­sky. Touch­ing his chest is also an early courtship gesture. In other words, it’s some­thing you’re more likely to do at the be­gin­ning of a re­la­tion­ship, and it falls by the way­side once you’re a long-term cou­ple. So when you do this move, it will bring back some of that crazyin-love (and-lust) feel­ing he had for you when you two first started dat­ing...and then he’ll have a hard time keep­ing his hands off you.

He liked that she was look­ing him in the eye, but it had been 50 min­utes, and he re­ally needed to pee

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