WAYS TO break in a brand new pair of shoes

These easy tricks will make them as comfy as slip­pers!

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1. Do it slowly:

Take them to work, slip them on while sit­ting at your desk for an hour or so. If they’re su­per-tight, walk around in them wear­ing slightly damp socks. Might sound strange, but the mois­ture will soften and stretch them out.

2.. Roughen them up:

Use a small piece of sand­pa­per to scuff up the bot­tom of the shoe. This will help pre­vent slip­per­i­ness on cer­tain sur­faces.

3.. If they pinch:

Place some mole­skin on the ar­eas of the feet where the shoes are pinch­ing. Then soak your feet, to help ex­pand the mole­skin. Put the shoes back on and wear them as of­ten as pos­si­ble.

4.. Bend, and stretch:

To loosen the shoes, bend them up­wards and down­wards (if the shoe per­mits) a few times. Then, use a hair dryer to heat-blast for two to three min­utes and re­peat.

5 . To avoid blis­ters:

Spray your feet with a deodor­ant. It sticks to your feet and stops shoes from rub­bing against your skin and form­ing blis­ters.

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