The Plunge Work­out

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Chest Squeeze

(1) Be­gin with feet slightly wider than your shoul­ders, arms in a W. (2) Bring both arms in to­wards your chest, el­bows and pinkies touch­ing. Your palms should be at eye level. Hold for three sec­onds, then re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do 30.

Push-up With a Twist

(1) Start in a push-up, knees on the floor and hands shoul­der-width apart. Slowly bend your el­bows, and lower down. (2) Push back up, ro­tate your torso to the right, and raise your right arm so it’s in line with your right shoul­der. Hold for three counts, then re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do five, then switch sides. A Although there are no ex­er­cises for yo your breasts, per se, you can tone the c chest mus­cles un­der­neath your girls, w which will make them look perkier.





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