The Pen­cil Skirt Work­out

Shape and boost your back­side to get into the per­fect pen­cil skirt, with­out, uh, bust­ing your ass.

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Toe Touch

(1) Be­gin on all fours, with your right knee bent and turned in to­wards your left. Hold the weight out to your left side, arm ro­tated so your el­bow faces up.

(2) Lift your right leg 90 de­grees, and reach the weight to­wards your foot (it’s okay if they don’t touch). Re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do 30, and change sides.

Hot Cross Buns

(1) Get on all fours, with a 1.5 kg weight be­hind your right knee, be­tween your calf and ham­string. Cross your right knee be­hind the left. Rest your left fore­arm on the floor (palm up), and bend your right el­bow. (2) Press up so both arms are straight, and un­cross your right knee, lift­ing it 90 de­grees. Re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do 30, and switch sides.

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