Best Work­outs for Your Wardrobe

If you’re go­ing to be rock­ing the hottest looks for the sea­son, you need the body to with them! And we know ex­actly how to get it...

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The Body­con Work­out

Bye-bye, love han­dles. Hello, tight curves! These moves erase side pudge fast—so your bod will be smokin’ in that ban­dage dress.

Sexy Leg Cross

(1) Sit on the edge of a chair with your left leg crossed. Lift 3 inches off the seat and hold for a few sec­onds. Pop up your left hip slightly; the right side of your waist will tighten. (2) Ex­tend your right leg. Hold for a sec­ond or two, and re­turn to start. That’s one rep. Do 25, and re­peat on the other side.

Di­ag­o­nal Iso­la­tion

(1) Start in a ba­sic iso­la­tion with your up­per body to the left, abs tight.

(2) Shift your torso to the right, low­er­ing your chest about 45 de­grees. It’s easy to let your stom­ach hang here, so pull it in. Shift back to start—that’s one rep. Do at least 25; switch sides.

(1) Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoul­der width, hands on hips, abs pulled in. (2) Keep­ing your stom­ach tight, shift your torso to the left, pause for a sec­ond, and then shift to the right. Only your up­per body should move, not your hips. This is one rep. Do 25, and work up to as many as you can.

Ba­sic Iso­la­tion






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