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Sur­pris­ing new find­ings about the size—and power— of your cli­toris prom­ise that even greater plea­sure is just a touch away.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST - By Jes­sica Knoll

If some­one were to ask you to de­scribe the lo­ca­tion of your cli­toris, what would you say? Maybe, “It’s that but­ton-like thing above my vagina”? What about “It’s an in­ter­nal struc­ture with mul­ti­ple parts that en­com­passes my vagina on ei­ther side”? Uhhh, come again?

The lat­ter is not only the cor­rect an­swer, but it’s also a de­scrip­tion you’ve prob­a­bly never heard be­fore. That’s be­cause de­spite all sci­ence has done to fur­ther our un­der­stand­ing of the hu­man body, there is still so lit­tle we know about this or­gan (yes, the cli­toris is an or­gan). For­tu­nately, over the last few years, ex­perts have started giv­ing this part of your anatomy the at­ten­tion it de­serves. And they found that what we think of as the cli­toris is re­ally just the tip of the ice­berg—and that our ca­pac­ity for plea­sure may be so much greater than we thought. Is it an awe­some news day or what?

The Lit­tle En­gine That Could

The tiny but­ton that was mis­tak­enly dubbed the cli­toris is ac­tu­ally the glans of the cli­toris, and it’s the only vis­i­ble part of the larger in­ter­nal struc­ture. “The glans has about 6,000 to 8,000 nerve end­ings,” says Debby Her­benick, Ph.D., au­thor of Sex Made Easy. “It’s roughly the same amount men have in the head of their pe­nis, but be­cause the glans is so small, the nerves are more con­cen­trated, which ex­plains why the cli­toris is so much more sen­si­tive than the pe­nis.” (Take that, pe­nis.)

‘ Eureka! I’ve fig­ured

it out!’

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