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Q. What’s the proper eti­quette when it comes to pay­ing on dates? Some say the girl should pay af­ter the third date. My friends think you should take turns. What do you think?

A. Well, we’re a lit­tle old-fash­ioned. We feel a man should treat up un­til you’ve de­ter­mined that you’re a cer­ti­fied cou­ple or at least un­til he’s fin­ished ‘court­ing’ you. On the one hand, most guys like to spoil a girl. It makes them feel allpow­er­ful and manly. On the other hand, they’re for­ever on the look­out for po­ten­tial gold dig­gers (just ask Kanye West). And of course, gen­der rules have changed so much th­ese days that nei­ther party re­ally knows what’s ap­pro­pri­ate or what the hell is go­ing to of­fend the other. So where does that leave you? By the third date, a girl should at least of­fer to pay so it doesn’t seem like she’s just look­ing for a free ride. That can mean any­thing from pick­ing up the din­ner tab to of­fer­ing to get the movie tick­ets and pop­corn later. You’ll come across as an in­de­pen­dent girl who can look out for her­self, and he can feel like an even more gen­er­ous guy when he turns you down and foots the en­tire bill for the night. But don’t push too hard. If he gra­ciously says, “No, I’ve got this,” leave it alone or you will risk bruis­ing his ego.

Q. My guy and I have been on­a­gain, off-again for years now and are cur­rently ‘off’. When­ever he comes back to me, he tells me what a mis­take it was to break-up. How long can this go on?

A. We hate to say it, but if you don’t put your foot down, his back-and-forth will be the only thing that’s go­ing to last for­ever. Clearly, this dude just can’t make up his mind. Maybe he’s not yet con­vinced you’re the right girl for him, maybe he has com­mit­ment is­sues, or maybe he just likes the drama of break­ing up and then mak­ing up over and over. What­ever the rea­son, he knows you’ll al­ways be there when he comes call­ing, so he doesn’t re­ally have any­thing to lose by dump­ing you again. Do you re­ally want to wait around like a loyal puppy un­til he fig­ures out what he wants? He’ll never re­spect you if you do, and you’ll con­tinue to be trapped in this hold­ing pat­tern. You need to set­tle things once and for all. Next time he tries to get back with you, ex­plain that your pa­tience is wear­ing thin. Tell him this is his last chance; if he breaks it off one more time, he’s his­tory. Hope­fully, it will force him to think twice be­fore throw­ing away a good thing again.

Q. My guy hates mak­ing out with me when I am wear­ing lip gloss, but I love the shiny look? Any ad­vice?

A. Go for a lip stain. They con­tain fewer poly­mers that cause stick­i­ness but still have a glis­ten­ing ef­fect, says make-up artist Jil­lian Dempsey. Or choose a gloss he won’t mind lick­ing!

Q. I know prints are hot right now, but ev­ery­one’s wear­ing them. How can I do things dif­fer­ently?

A. By stock­ing up on quirky, one-of-akind pat­terns, says the Cosmo fash­ion team. Look for in­ter­est­ing shapes (fruits are hav­ing a ma­jor mo­ment), ob­jects (clocks, trains, what­ever!), or any other pat­tern that de­fines you, to stand out.

Q Our of­fice ap­praisals just hap­pened, and ev­ery­body got a pro­mo­tion ex­cept me! Should I quit and move on?

A. It’s pos­si­ble that what you’re do­ing is not con­sid­ered valu­able by your em­ployer, so con­sider step­ping up and ask­ing for more re­spon­si­bil­ity or cru­cial projects that will get you no­ticed. Also, have a chat with your boss and ask how you can en­sure a pro­mo­tion next year. If her re­sponse seems luke­warm, it may be time to start hunt­ing.

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