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Sci­en­tists have con­firmed that guys re­ally do act dumb when around a pretty woman. Well, duh. But here’s the in­ter­est­ing part: dudes don’t have to see the woman for it to hap­pen. A study found that men had ad a harder time do­ing ba­sic math when they re­ceived an in­stant mes­sage from a woman than when they re­ceived one from a man. Ex­perts say it’s be­cause be use men are wired to think about sex when pre­sented with even the idea of a sexy woman, leav­ing less brain­power for, say, fig­ur­ing out two plus two. Q ev­ery time Sch­midt does some­thing lame, his room­mates make him put money in the douche-bag jar. What are some tip-offs that a guy falls into that cat­e­gory?

A. You don’t want to see the stitch­ing on jeans. Also, un­less you’re go­ing on a date with Justin Tim­ber­lake, if the guy’s wear­ing a vest that be­longs with a suit as his ex­te­rior gar­ment, run.

Q vests,

got it. Any­thing else? A. If he starts a sen­tence with “Well, you know the type of guy I am is...” and then goes into it, he’s prob­a­bly the op­po­site. Like, “You know the type of guy I am is just a straight shooter. A real hon­est guy.” So if he starts a sen­tence like that, Q jess, Sch­midt’s room­mate, is su­per-quirky and girlie. What’s some stuff women do that guys don’t get?

A. I’ll tell you right now what it is—lists. All you guys want to do is make lists of things to do.

Q how can a woman use her guy friend as a wing­man, à la Sch­midt?

A. Truth­fully, I don’t think girls re­ally need a wing­man. If a girl comes up to a guy, I think we’re usu­ally pretty psyched about the whole thing.

Q what’s some­thing you should’nt say to a woman? A. “No!” (Down­load New Girl from tv­fa­



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