Their Top Food and Fit­ness Tips!

If we had a magic ge­nie, we’d ask for three things: per­fect shape, per­fect shape and per­fect shape! So we asked Cosmo read­ers to spill their most guarded stay-fit se­crets. Read on for some realgirl body in­spi­ra­tion...

Cosmopolitan (India) - - BODY LOVE - By Priyam Chaturvedi

“Work­ing out makes you lose inches and cel­lulite, but un­less you fo­cus on your diet, too, you won’t lose ki­los. Les­son: eat well and drink a lot of wa­ter. Also, I swear by green tea. It helps you detox­ify and will work won­ders for your skin and waist.”

—Hi­man­shi Ch­habra

“Don’t drink wa­ter at least half an hour be­fore or af­ter your meal. It’ll fill you up quickly, and de­lay di­ges­tion. A good idea is to in­clude a lot of fruits and green sal­ads in your diet as they are rich in fibers and will give your body the en­ergy you need.” —Aditi Kapoor

“Ban­ish white food (ex­cept dairy) from your diet as most is just sat­u­rated fat. Re­place your whites with browns—brown rice and bread in­stead of white bread and white rice.”—

Ananya Sri­vas­tava

“En­sure your diet is rich in pro­teins and fibers. Cut back on carbs, and avoid tak­ing any af­ter 8pm. Also, eat white meat in­stead of red meat, as it has mo more pro­teins.” —Anisha Jain

“While you are work­ing out, en­sure that you do 30 min­utes of car­dio, which in­cludes a mix of spin­ning, cy­cling, cir­cuits and walk­ing on the tread­mill.”

—Deep­an­shi Chaud­hary

“When you go to the gym, set a tar­get for your­self, even if it’s a small one, and stick to it. And be reg­u­lar with your ex­er­cise. Your body will show re­sults in some time, so one week of gym­ming won’t do the trick.” —Ivy Mukher­jee

““An hour of power yoga, thrice a week keeps me en­er­gised. It kick­starts my me­tab­o­lism so I can later in­dulge guilt­free.” —Dev­ina Bhad­war

“On days I am crav­ing su­gar, I try to have dark choco­late in­stead of pas­tries. So I get to en­joy some­thing sweet, mi­nus the guilt.”

—Divya Shekhawat

“Take your dog out for a walk. It’s a fun ac­tiv­ity and you wilI stay fit with­out much ef­fort.”

—Tanya Sri­vas­tava

“I use stretch bands to work on my core mus­cles, in­clud­ing my arms and legs. It doesn’t take much time and can be used in many ways.”

—Deepali Varma

“I keep a bag of mixed nuts in my hand­bag for my af­ter­noon crav­ings. That way, I don’t at­tack the first cup­cake shop I see when I’m out.” —Divya Gang­wani Sehgal

“I eat at least six meals a day, and al­ter­nate be­tween big and small ones.” —Natasha Singh

“If you can’t go to the gym, join a fun ac­tiv­ity like a dance class. It’ll help you lose weight, and you will learn a new hobby in the bar­gain.”

—Aayushi Jain

“When eat­ing food high in fat, salt or su­gar, se­lect other foods that are low in these in­gre­di­ents. If you miss out on any food group one day, make up for it the next day.”

—Mridubha Ku­mar “K “Keep a 2:3 ra­tio of fruit and veg­etable serv­ings in a day. So have two fruits and three bowls of veg­gies for a day, and re­verse the sec­ond day. It’ll help keep you healthy.”

—Mi­lan Kishorpuria

“Keep a food di­ary and note ev­ery­thing you’re eat­ing. That way, you’ll be able to know where you’re go­ing wrong. Too much of any­thing might be bad. Rather than elim­i­nat­ing these foods, just cut back on your por­tions.”

—Neha Sri­vas­tava

“Al­ter­nate be­tween ac­tiv­i­ties. This can mean walk­ing one day, swim­ming the next and cy­cling the third.” —Akriti Mishra

“While work­ing out, mon­i­tor your breath­ing. Breathe in when you’re work­ing against grav­ity and breathe out while work­ing to­wards it. Breath­ing right will give you faster re­sults.”

—Ga­gan Dhillon

“Opt for in­ter­val train­ing in­stead of reg­u­lar train­ing. High in­ten­sity ex­er­cis­ing for a few min­utes, fol­lowed by low in­ten­sity and re­peat­ing, burns more calo­ries than a reg­u­lar work­out.” —Neha Tri­pathi

“Climb­ing stairs is a great calo­rie burner and will show you fab re­sults. I fol­low a sim­ple 4X4 rule. I climb up and down four floors, four times a day, to stay fit.”

—Udita Singh

““Don’t ex­pect to to­tally re­vamp your eat­ing habits overnight. Chang­ing too much, too fast can get in the way of suc­cess. Be­gin to rem­edy ex­cesses or de­fi­cien­cies with mod­est changes.” —Sak­shi Arora

““Fish is a good source of pro­tein and con­tains many vi­ta­mins and min­er­als. Aim for at least two por­tions a week, in­clud­ing one por­tion of oily fish.” —Sh­weta Acharya

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She’d agreed to ex­er­cise only on one con­di­tion— neon dumb­bells!

Cool vi­sor? Check. Fab out­fit? Check. Hot hair? Check. Now if only she knew how to roller blade!

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