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Q.How do I let a new guy who I’m see­ing know up front that I am look­ing for a re­la­tion­ship with­out to­tally freak­ing him out?

A. Well, if you say, ‘I’m look­ing for some­thing se­ri­ous’ on the first (or even sec­ond) date, you’ll prob­a­bly never set eyes on him again, be­cause even men who are search­ing for a com­mit­ted re­la­tion­ship will think you’re clingy. The so­lu­tion isn’t about say­ing the right thing; it’s about how you be­have. For starters, if you usu­ally sleep with men af­ter just one or two dates, stop. It may not be fair, but some guys will rule out the pos­si­bil­ity of a long-term re­la­tion­ship with a woman, who hops in bed with them shortly af­ter they first meet. And if you’re find­ing your dates mostly at bars or clubs, you may want to try other strate­gies. Ask your clos­est friends to set you up, or scope out the dude se­lec­tion at a co-worker’s birthday party.

Q. I’ve been on sev­eral in­ter­views, and I haven’t landed a job yet. Can you tell me what’s wrong with my ré­sumé? A.

Since you’ve gone on sev­eral in­ter­views, your ré­sumé isn’t the prob­lem, it’s your in­ter­view­ing skills. In­ter­views are noth­ing more than meet and greet ses­sions to ask ques­tions and dis­cuss a pos­si­ble merger be­tween the two par­ties. Your ré­sumé served as the ‘in­tro­ducer’ that got you a toe­hold. Since you’ve been in­vited through many of­fices and you haven’t suc­ceeded, the fo­cus now shifts to what is hap­pen­ing while you’re in the room. A num­ber of vari­ables can cause an in­ter­view to go awry: how you look, at­ti­tude, and your an­swers. If you want to know ex­actly what the prob­lem is, ask a friend or fam­ily mem­ber who can be hon­est with you. Peo­ple who aren’t afraid to speak what’s on the top of their minds are the best ones to contact when you need di­rect an­swers. The in­ter­viewer wouldn’t have brought you into an in­ter­view un­less you had enough qual­i­fi­ca­tions for the po­si­tion. It’s likely that some­thing cru­cial wasn’t said dur­ing the meet­ing to sway the in­ter­viewer in your di­rec­tion. So eval­u­ate where and how you went wrong.

Q. I’ve read a lot about neon be­ing a top trend, but how can I work it with­out be­ing ‘blind­ing’? A.

If you’re ner­vous about neon, it’s best to start small—look for a bold bag or stilet­tos to pair with a ba­sic out­fit. Once you feel more con­fi­dent, grad­u­ate to elec­tric out­fits, and re­mem­ber this easy rule—neu­trals work best with neon. So team a strik­ing orange top with a black skirt, or a vivid green dress with nude pumps (like Freida Pinto did).

Q. How do you con­ceal a big, red pim­ple? A.

The first step to cam­ou­flag­ing a com­plex­ion pest is to use a con­cealer that ex­actly matches your skin tone, says So­nia Kashuk, make-up artist to celebs like Ash­ley Judd and Salma Hayek. “If you use a con­cealer that’s too pale, you’ll end up high­light­ing the prob­lem in­stead of hid­ing it,” says Kashuk. Her blem­ish­mask­ing tech­nique: us­ing your fin­ger­tip, re­peat­edly dab a cream con­cealer just on top of the pim­ple. Try the pat­ting ac­tion—ver­sus rub­bing or brush­ing. It lay­ers the cover-up ex­actly where needed and en­ables it to ad­here bet­ter. Next, sweep a translu­cent loose pow­der over the area for long-wear­ing re­sults. When ap­ply­ing foun­da­tion to the rest of your face, avoid the al­ready-tended trou­ble spot or you’ll just rub off the con­cealer.

Q. Em­bar­rass­ing but true: I just can’t stop bit­ing my nails! A.

We asked around and came up with these tricks that worked for other Cosmo girls: when­ever you feel like bit­ing your nails, pop some chew­ing gum in­stead to dis­tract your­self; get an ex­pen­sive manicure that you wouldn’t want to ruin; in­vest in ar­ti­fi­cial nails that can’t be bit­ten off; try bit­ter nail-in­hibitor pol­ish; or find a celeb ‘nail icon’ and look at her pic­ture each time you feel the urge to chew.

Freida Pinto works neon in her favour with nude pumps

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