Are You Too Good of a Friend?

Cosmopolitan (India) - - QUIZ -

1 Your

an­noy­ing col­lege room­mate e-mails say­ing she’s com­ing to town and needs a place to crash. You:

a Let her sleep on your couch. How bad could it be?

b Ex­plain that your sched­ule is nuts but you will try to meet up.

c Ig­nore the e-mail. Later, you’ll say it got lost in your spam folder. 2Dur­ing

a cut, your long-time hair­styl­ist asks if you can pass along her hubby’s ré­sumé. You: a Say you never mix work and plea­sure.

b Agree to rec­om­mend him to your boss.

c Give her the e-mail of the HR co­or­di­na­tor. 3 When

you’re out with your best friend, your new guy texts to see if you’d like to meet up. You:

a Ask if he wants to meet later, af­ter you’ve hung with your pal.

b Pre­tend you’re feel­ing sick and then se­cretly meet him.

c Tell him you can’t— you al­ready have plans. 4 At

happy hour, a cute co-worker in­vites you to din­ner. The only prob­lem? Your of­fice friend has a crush on him. You re­spond by say­ing:

a “I heard that new sushi place is awe­some. Let’s go.”

b “Sure. Wanna see who else wants to come along?”

c “I’m ex­hausted, but I think Pia would be down for it. Why don’t you ask her?” 5 You

and your buddy show up to a party wear­ing the same skirt. How do you re­act? a You crack jokes all night about plan­ning the whole thing.

b You grab jeans from your trunk. They’re not as cute, but oh, well.

c You de­mand she head home and change. They didn’t let a few ex­tra flow­ers come be­tween their friend­ship

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