Does He Get Your LOOK?

These run­way looks are all the rage, but do men agree they’re fab­u­lous (or are they se­cretly pray­ing you’ll never try them)? Three guys get hon­est...

Cosmopolitan (India) - - BEAUTY -


Sid­dharth—“This look is slightly bland. Looks su­per easy to do though, prob­a­bly saves a lot of time.”

Rahul—“It’s per­fect! It looks like she didn’t need to try too hard to look good.”

Anub­hav—“I like this. I pre­fer nat­u­ral look­ing women to ‘make-up mon­sters’, any day.”


Sid­dharth—“I love that the ’60s are hav­ing a mo­ment in women’s fash­ion. Just wish it wasn’t so dra­matic.”

Rahul—“Un­less your plan is to em­u­late Lady Gaga, I’d say this is a ma­jor faux pas.”

Anub­hav—“Sure, I’d stare at a girl with this hair­style, but cer­tainly not be­cause I think she’s look­ing hot!”


Sid­dharth—“I think, I saw Pre­ity Zinta is some mag with this look. I don’t re­ally know what to think of it.”

Rahul—“Avoid this un­less you want to catch me star­ing at you strangely!”

Anub­hav—“If there was a trend called shaved eye­brows, I’d pre­fer that to this freak show.”


Sid­dharth—“She looks re­ally nice and pretty. This look works for me.”

Rahul—“I’d love to score a date with a girl who looks this good us­ing just some cheek colour.”

Anub­hav—“I like this look. She looks young and fresh, as if she’s just re­turned from a jog.”


Sid­dharth—“Hey, this is pretty neat! I like that it’s so fu­tur­is­tic and metal­lic.”

Rahul—“The nails are in­ter­est­ing. They’re tame com­pared to the crazy man­i­cures some women get.”

Anub­hav—“ doesn’t re­ally do any­thing for me. Tin foil, any­one?”


Sid­dharth—“It’s not ugly, but I wouldn’t call it pretty ei­ther. I’d imag­ine an edgy biker girl opt­ing for it.”

Rahul—“I don’t get it. Is this a zom­bie go­ing to an af­ter-work party?”

Anub­hav—“I’m a lit­tle scared. The rac­coon re­sem­blance is freak­ing me out!”

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