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While go­ing through a par­tic­u­lar fea­ture in this month’s Cosmo ( When Was The Last Time You Asked For What You Want In Bed?, page 160), I came across an idea so pow­er­ful and ridicu­lously sim­ple, I lit­er­ally had one of those ‘smack-head-with-palm’ mo­ments. What if I told you that much of what you want in life can be yours, and all that’s stand­ing in the way of that is one re­ally easy ac­tion? Yep, read on...

So, how many of us have wished for a raise, help with a project, dis­count on a dress, flexi-time, or even more hugs from a boyfriend? And what did we do to make these things hap­pen? Most likely, noth­ing. We crossed our fin­gers and hoped that our boss would notice how we to­tally de­serve more money, or the boyfriend would guess that we’d like a canoo­dle right about now. And when those things didn’t hap­pen, we got all crotch­ety. Ac­cord­ing to ex­perts, we are to blame for these fail­ures. Why? Be­cause our tech­nique is plain silly. The num­ber-one rea­son we’re not get­ting what we want, they say, is be­cause we’re play­ing guess­ing games in­stead of sim­ply ask­ing for what we want!

Now I know what you’re think­ing. That ‘ask­ing is awk­ward’, or you’re ‘re­ally not the kind of girl who goes around de­mand­ing stuff’. And I’m here to tell you that your boss may have a great in­cre­ment bud­get for the year, and that the store man­ager may be able to give you a great deal on the dress, and that your boyfriend may be hop­ing for some ‘hug time’, too, but you will never find out be­cause you’re too scared to ask. Plus, whether the an­swer is a yes or no, know­ing it gives you power and clar­ity, and the op­por­tu­nity to fig­ure out Plan B.

Kinda con­vinced? Great, so put the idea into prac­tice by ask­ing for some­thing small—help with putting to­gether an out­fit or a day off next week, then slowly work on the big­ger stuff. As long as you’re nice, not ob­nox­ious, about it, I prom­ise you’ll see suc­cess...and get that much closer to get­ting all that you want.

Till next month,

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Nan­dini Bhalla, Ed­i­tor


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