What You Want In Bed? When’s The Last Time You Asked For

For­get bed­room ac­ro­bat­ics—what he re­ally craves is di­rec­tion. And, says Cosmo UK sex coach Rachel Mor­ris, if you don’t ask, you don’t get…

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When you aren’t get­ting the sex you want, what do you do about it? As per the hun­dreds of women I’ve in­ter­viewed over the years, the an­swer is any­thing that doesn’t in­volve ask­ing for it. In­stead, we go around the houses, col­lect­ing tricks and tech­niques from ex­perts and friends— and then try any­thing from non- ver­bal sex­ual feed­back, to ma­nip­u­la­tive mind games.

Why make the process so com­pli­cated? Sim­ply telling him what you like and where you like it is a huge turn- on for most men. What they are af­ter is great sex— and what’s more, they are des­per­ate to know how to give it to you too.

Sounds sim­ple enough. The prob­lem is, it seems that ‘ ask­ing for it’ is the one box on the How to Get What You Want check­list that re­mains sheep­ishly unticked by many of us.

But how­ever un­com­fort­able and awk­ward, we have to find our voices be­cause when it comes to com­mu­ni­cat­ing with men, it’s the most ef­fec­tive tool we have. Want to know the rea­son why? Read on…

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