5 Ge­nius Tips to Guar­an­tee an Or­gasm!

A new study proves you can up your odds of cli­max­ing by try­ing five dif­fer­ent moves dur­ing sex. Get ready to rack up the Os.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST - By Mina Azodi

Alot of the time, sex can feel like a (much less dan­ger­ous) game of Rus­sian roulette: you take a spin be­tween the sheets, never know­ing if it’s go­ing to end with a bang. But there’s a new, easy way to boost your chances of hav­ing an ex­plo­sive or­gasm. A study in The Jour­nal of Sex­ual Medicine has found that you’re more likely to cli­max if you mix it up and try dif­fer­ent sex moves, rather than stick­ing to just a few. Pick one of these five-move se­quences, and brace your­self for a body-quak­ing fin­ish.

5 Moves— When You’re Hav­ing a Quickie

Sit him down, and strad­dle just one of his legs. As you make out pas­sion­ately, rub your cli­toris against his thigh to get your­self go­ing.

Take his pe­nis in your mouth, and go all the way down on him (as far as

you can). The sud­den­ness will rev him from 0 to 100.

Now that his pe­nis is lubed up with your saliva—press it against your cli­toris and slide it back and forth.

Get into stand­ing-doggie po­si­tion, then take his hand and press it against your cli­toris with your hand on top to en­sure you get the ex­act pres­sure/move­ment you need.

Fin­ish off things by mov­ing your legs closer to­gether—the ex­tra-tight fit will make things more in­tense, push­ing you both over the edge.

5 Moves— When You Want to Be in Charge

Have him lie on the bed, then stand up and in­vite him to watch while you softly stroke your­self all over.

Step closer to the mat­tress, take his hand, and guide it be­tween your legs. Let him see the plea­sure reg­is­ter on your face as he stim­u­lates your cli­toris.

Climb on top of the bed so you’re hov­er­ing over him on all fours, with your legs on ei­ther side of his torso and your breasts at his face level. Al­ter­nate dip­ping each of your nip­ples into his mouth.

Flip around, and go down on him with your head fac­ing his feet and your back­side and girl bits on eye-pop­ping dis­play.

Tran­si­tion into cow­girl po­si­tion, and touch your­self as you grind against him in slow, erotic cir­cles.

5 Moves— When You’re a Lit­tle Stressed

Mid-kiss, rub his scalp. Press in the pads of your fin­gers, and slowly drag them to the top of his neck.

Place his hands on your waist, fin­gers up, and have him slide his palms up and down, teas­ingly graz­ing the sides of your boobs.

Then move his hands to your in­ner thighs. Have him tease you so that he comes this close to your cli­toris.

Start giv­ing him oral, and while you do, mas­sage his butt, mak­ing your way to his per­ineum (be­tween his butt and balls). Use two fin­gers and rub in a cir­cu­lar mo­tion.

When he fin­ishes, have him go down on you while stroking your pu­bic area just out­side your labia. He should also use his fin­gers on your C-spot while he kisses the area around it.

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