Guys notice a lot more about us than we give them credit for. We asked them to spill the tiny things you do that make their body tem­per­a­ture rise.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST - By Anna Davies

1 “I can’t get enough of those cleav­age-skim­ming neck­laces, es­pe­cially if she twists it around her fin­ger as she glances my way. They’re so im­pos­si­ble not to look’s like an ar­row point­ing straight to her boobs.”— Gau­rav, 28

2 “When she is stand­ing with her back to­wards me and does this tiny up­wards stretch, just enough so her shirt rides up and ex­poses her lower back. Those lit­tle dim­ples down there are so hot.” —Vikram, 25 3 “I love when a girl blows her bangs off her face. It’s this play­ful, child-like move that shows she has a fun, frisky side.” —Puneet, 25 4 “The side­walk or park­ing-lot quick change from high heels into run­ning shoes or flip-flops. It is like she’s get­ting away with some­thing...and shows she cares more about com­fort than ap­pear­ance.” —Ad­hi­raj, 27

5 “A woman who or­ders bour­bon or scotch at a bar al­ways gets my at­ten­tion. Al­ways.” —Rishabh, 26

6 “I knew this girl who would mut­ter to her­self in French when­ever she got mad. Ever since then, I’ve had a soft spot for the un­der-the-breath aside in any lan­guage.” —Anirudh, 25

7 “Boots + skirt + cross­ing her legs so her knee is point­ing right at me. Most of her leg is cov­ered, but just this sliver of skin is fac­ing me—very sexy.” —Purab, 24

8 “An F-bomb, used ap­pro­pri­ately, is in­ter­est­ing be­cause it makes me won­der what else she’d say un­der the right set of cir­cum­stances.”

—Mani, 27

9 “It’s hot when a woman takes off a long-sleeve shirt to re­veal a tank top. It shouldn’t be a strip­tease, but I love it if it’s done a bit slowly, with a hair shake-out at the end.” —Mo­hit, 29

10 “Grilling—like go­ing into the smoke and own­ing it, then emerg­ing with an amaz­ing dish. Golden.” —Pranav, 26 11 “It’s so sul­try to watch a girl tie her hair into a high pony­tail. Then once it’s up, it’s like a school­girl fan­tasy come true.”

—Jivi, 27 12 “Be­ing the first to sug­gest split­ting dessert is awe­some. It shows that she knows how to in­dulge and she knows what she wants. A win-win in my book.” —Ishaan, 25

13 “The hip-wig­gle walk in high heels is al­ways guar­an­teed to turn me into a pud­dle

of hor­mones.” —Bhaskar, 28

14 “When a girl smacks her lips when she’s putting on lip­stick, it just makes me want to pounce on her

right there!” —Aaron , 24 15 “I’m ob­sessed with the eye­brow fur­row. It shows that she’s re­ally con­cen­trat­ing and in the mo­ment, and I imag­ine her as this sexy Black Wi­d­ow­like su­per­hero, even if she’s just squint­ing to read an over-the-bar menu.” — Rishi, 28

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