Ask Cosmo Any­thing If you meet a cute guy at a party, what’s the best way to ini­ti­ate ex­chang­ing phone num­bers?

From ran­dom lit­tle is­sues to ma­jor life dra­mas, we’ve got your back.

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Let him ini­ti­ate it—it makes him feel manly to be the one pick­ing you up. But make it easy for him by giv­ing a few hints that you’d will­ingly of­fer up your dig­its. For in­stance, if he talks up a movie that he’s seen but you haven’t, you can say some­thing like, ‘Okay, I’ll check it out...but if it’s bad, you owe me’. Or if you’re chat­ting about, say, bowl­ing, tell him, ‘I love to bowl, but none of my friends ever want to go’. See, men fear re­jec­tion as much as you do, so be­fore they re­quest your num­ber, they look for signs that you won’t shut them down. By be­ing a lit­tle flirty, you’re giv­ing him the as­sur­ance he needs.

Q. If I use pro­tec­tive sun­screen, I have a mas­sive break­out! Please help me find a so­lu­tion. A.

It sucks when you’re be­ing good to your face—aka us­ing pro­tec­tive sun­screen—and you end up with a mas­sive break­out. To avoid those ‘WTF’ mo­ments, get a lo­tion that’s right for your face. If you have acne-prone skin, choose an oil-free or wa­ter-based lo­tion. But if your skin is dry, go for a mois­tur­is­ing sun­screen that isn’t gel or al­co­hol-based.

Q. I’ve joined a new firm and have dis­cov­ered that my boss has a few favourites. How do I make her like me more? A.

A lot of bosses have fave em­ploy­ees who they trust more than oth­ers and as long as that doesn’t equal pref­er­en­tial treat­ment like more money or perks, it’s nor­mal. To get on your boss’ good side, study her favourites. Are they fab­u­lous at what they do? Do they share a com­mon growth vi­sion with your boss? If you dis­cover that your man­ager’s pre­ferred em­ploy­ees have sim­i­lar traits, in­cor­po­rate some in your own work­ing style. Next, im­press your boss: sched­ule a meet­ing to find out how she likes to run things. “That way, you’ll be bet­ter able to cater to her needs,” says Al­li­son Hem­ming, au­thor of Work It! While you’re at it, make an ef­fort to mir­ror her habits. If your new boss spends her lunch hour prep­ping for team meet­ings, do the same. “You’ll be seen as some­one who ‘gets it’,” ex­plains Hem­ming.

Q. I’m 5 feet 11. Is it bet­ter for me to stick to flats when I’m head­ing out to meet guys? A.

We asked Cosmo US’ guy guru, Ky Hen­der­son, to an­swer your ques­tion. Here’s what he has to say: “I know ex­actly how you feel. I used to avoid tak­ing off my shirt at the beach be­cause I was afraid women would be in­tim­i­dated by my rock-hard abs, but then I re­alised I wouldn’t want to be with some­one who couldn’t han­dle my six-pack. Okay— that’s to­tal BS, but I still think you should adopt that at­ti­tude when it comes to your height. If a guy can’t deal with the fact that you’re tall, he’s not the guy for you. I rec­om­mend ei­ther ze­ro­ing in on men who are at least a few inches taller than you, or wait­ing for guys who aren’t afraid to be with a woman who can reach things on shelves that they can’t. Also, most guys pay more at­ten­tion to a woman’s con­fi­dence than they do to her height, so wear what you feel hottest in.

Q. I heard Jen­nifer Lopez drinks ice-cold wa­ter to speed up her me­tab­o­lism. Does that work? A.

Ac­cord­ing to US-based health ex­pert Jen­nifer Wider, M.D., hy­dra­tion is im­por­tant: if your body doesn’t have enough wa­ter, your me­tab­o­lism will slow down in or­der to con­serve en­ergy. What about the ice-cold part? The thought is that ice wa­ter causes a slight rise in your me­tab­o­lism be­cause your body burns ex­tra calo­ries to process it. Dr Wider also points out, though, that it’s not a quick fix, and won’t burn a tonne of ex­tra calo­ries—you’d have to drink a ridicu­lous amount of wa­ter to do that (which isn’t healthy or pos­si­ble).

J.Lo looks hot...and cold wa­ter may have some­thing to do with it

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